2015 Lay’s “Do Us A Flavour” (US Edition)

It’s another year of Lay’s having the “Do Us A Flavour” contest. This year, four new flavours have been chosen as the finalists: Southern Biscuits and Gravy, New York Reuben, Greektown Gyro, and West Coast Truffle Fries.

Note: These are the US flavours.


Chips are my all-time favourite snack/junk food. I could eat them 24/7. No lie. So when Lay’s started having this contest, I knew I had to try as many of these flavours as I can. I always like trying outrageous flavours to see if they a) work and b) taste how they normally should.


For this taste test, I started off with Southern Biscuits and Gravy.
2015laysUS I can immediately taste the gravy. Actually, it’s all I taste. There isn’t a hint of the Southern biscuits. The gravy tastes like chicken gravy, which would go nice with mashed potatoes 🙂 I’m not surprised that this flavour works since it ultimately tastes like gravy and potatoes.


Next is the Greektown Gyro.
2015laysUS As soon as I started putting the chip in my mouth, I got the biggest whiff of tzatziki sauce. To be honest, it doesn’t even taste like tzatziki sauce! It’s like a strong cucumber sour cream combination with hint of beef. You can definitely tell it’s a Greek-inspired flavour. However, it’s extremely strong and overpowering. I can’t even enjoy this chip because of that.


The next flavour is the New York Reuben.
2015laysUS When I first put the chip in my mouth, the chip taste transformed from whole wheat bread, to some kind of ham (black forest, most likely), then pickles, and then the condiments (mustard and ketchup). I was really surprised that the chip was able to do that! It was weird at first, but the changing tastes worked. It definitely did feel like I was eating a sandwich. I’ve never had a New York Reuben before, but if it tastes like that chip, then Lay’s has done a great job in executing this flavour.


The last flavour for 2015 is West Coast Truffle Fries.
2015laysUS I’ve never really had truffle on its own before, so I’m not sure what truffle really tastes like. But with this chip flavour, at first bite, I couldn’t taste anything. But once I kept eating it, I noticed how oily it was. Then I started getting an onion like taste. It ended up being an oily, light sour cream and onion taste to me. It’s weird that it’s an oily taste, considering the chip itself doesn’t look oily. I’m not fond of this flavour though. The light sour cream and onion taste is the turn-off for me because sour cream and onion is one of my least favourite flavours.


Now this last chip flavour I tried is not part of the 2015 batch – it’s one of the 2014 finalists. The Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese was disappointing.
2015laysUS I was expect a really good explosion of mac and cheese in my mouth but all I got was the slightest hint of bacon. There wasn’t even a cheese taste to it! How is that even possible?! The worst part is that I don’t even like bacon and that’s the only thing I taste. How unfortunate *sigh*. I was expecting so much from this chip flavour and it came out flat.


Out of the 2015 flavours, my favourite would have to be the New York Reuben. While the Southern Biscuits and Gravy tastes really good, I particularly liked the taste transformation of the New York Reuben. The fact that you can taste each component of the sandwich, whereas the Southern Biscuits and Gravy was pretty much just gravy, really gave the New York Reuben the edge. My least favourite is the Greektown Gyro. It was too much of a Greek taste for me. It didn’t even taste like good Greek food too. I love gyros and tzatziki sauce, but this wasn’t even close to the deliciousness of either.

If you’ve tried the new flavours, which one is your favourite? Which is your least? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

I’ll be trying the Canadian flavours soon, so stay tuned for my blog post on them!


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