2018 Toronto Christmas Market

December is here and that means the Toronto Christmas Market is in full swing! Located in the heart of the Distillery District, the Toronto Christmas Market is full of shops, amusement park rides, pop-ups, and FOOD!

I had the chance to visit the Christmas market on the last day of November with my friend Anila. I walked a lot and ate quite a bit. Here’s everything I tried.

Holey Dough

Depending on the flavour, you get about six doughnut holes starting at $7. We chose the powdered sugar to try.

It was nice that they were freshly baked—perfect for cold weather—but it was mediocre. It kind of tasted like any other generic doughnut hole. I suggest getting one of the more decadent flavours to improve the taste.



Have celiac or a gluten sensitivity? Tartistry’s tarts are gluten-free! For $4, you get one decently sized butter tart. They have other options to buy more but I can’t remember what the pricing was.

We got the New York Cheesecake tart and it was really good! The filling wasn’t too sweet and it was soft and buttery. The crust was my favourite. It wasn’t too crumbly but wasn’t too hard. It had that nice baked pie crust taste.

The cheesecake part is a New York Cheesecake that they baked themselves. Once baked, a chunk is put into the tart mix to be baked into the tart. I don’t remember much of the cheesecake as I found the tart itself the highlight. If the tarts were freshly baked, it would have been amazing.



Love cheese? How about Swiss-German raclette cheese? A block of raclette cheese is melted and scraped onto a bed of pierogies and/or potatoes.

Being heated, the cheese becomes gooey as it falls into the bowl.  For $14, you can get a serving of the cheese on a bed of pierogies and potatoes. You can also choose one of them but we chose both. The cheese was good, a little pungent like blue cheese, but it needed to be heated more. It wasn’t gooey enough. It could be because of the cold weather. I can’t remember what was inside the pierogies but it must have been a vegetarian option. The cheese here is definitely the star of this dish.

Here’s a video of the cheese being scraped on:


Truffle Fries

If you love truffle and fries, you HAVE to try this place. For $11, you get a bowl of fries with truffle oil, cheese, and I believe another mushroom oil.

The staff that prepared ours drenched ours with the truffle oil and it was so fragrant and tasty! The fries were thick cut and because of the truffle oil, they weren’t really that crispy but when you have delicious truffle soaking in, crispiness doesn’t matter. Highly recommend trying this place out.



Glühwein, aka Mulled Wine

We tried two places for Glühwein and there is a difference!

The first was a vendor right at the Toronto Christmas Market sign entrance. For $9, we got a cup of what should have been red wine with some spices. Unfortunately, all we could taste was

Second vendor.

heated red wine and no spices. It also wasn’t the right kind of warmness, if that makes any sense.

The second place was MUCH better and was perfect in taste. It was located near the Tartistry vendor and the cups had a black and white geometric design on them. This Glühwein had the red wine taste and the spices blended together in a beautiful harmony. We had this into the early evening and with the cold weather, it was the perfect way to end our visit. Best part? It was the cheapest Glühwein we saw all night…$8! If you can find this vendor, which I unfortunately forgot the name for (look for the cup design!), go to it for the Glühwein!


If you’re planning to visit the Toronto Christmas Market, let me know what you’re excited to see and/or eat!

– Synthia T.
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