There are many good brunch places in Toronto, but one place I have been wanting to try is Baddies—the sister place of COPS Doughnuts. On Record Store Day, I finally got to try it out. After leaving our houses at 6 AM, waiting in line for an hour, browsing and purchasing records for Record Store Day, my friend Anila and I had time to make it for brunch at Baddies.

Arriving sharply at 9 AM, we were the first ones. The place wasn’t entirely ready to open but they seated us while preparing for the day. Within five to ten minutes, the place started to fill up. I didn’t realize people were THIS eager to have brunch on a Saturday morning. Baddies isn’t a big place, so I guess you have to arrive early to get a spot.

At Baddies, when you’re ready to order, you head to the counter to place your order and make payment. Then you’ll be given a numbered wooden stick for your table.


Matcha Latte

Since I had just two hours of sleep and my day started super early, I needed that dose of caffeine. I actually forgot about it until Anila made her order first and got a flat white. l quickly browsed at the drinks and went for the Matcha Latte (~$4.50).

According to the website, the matcha is Jeju matcha from O5 tea Vancouver. I don’t know the difference between matchas, so this information means nothing to me. I just prefer matcha over green tea—I actually don’t like green tea (Don’t @ me!).

When the latte arrived, I was surprised by how big it was (the picture on the right doesn’t do it justice). Filled to the very top, the matcha latte had a, um, leaf latte design, but truthfully and for lack of a better word, it looked more like a penis. I had to mix it with the spoon because I couldn’t look at it without thinking of it as that the whole time.

Usually the matcha flavour is quite strong and powering but this wasn’t. It was light and creamy, and I liked that. It was a nice touch for an early Saturday morning. Near the bottom of the cup, I did have to mix it a bit more to even out the matcha flavour throughout the rest of the latte.


The Vegan Ting

All the options on the menu looked so good. I was torn between The Brash and The Vegan Ting. But, since I don’t like bacon (Don’t @ me again!) I thought it was best to go for The Vegan Ting (~$14). Also, it’s been a while since I had a proper vegan meal.

The Vegan Ting is vegan and gluten-free. This dish includes “a squash fritter, radish, mixed greens, shallot vin, and an almond dressing.

When it arrived, it was like a huge plate of salad. I was not expecting that. Piled under the layers of mixed greens and avocado is the squash fritter. It was a thin, slightly crispy, chewy, and soft fritter. It was so tasty that I wish it was a bit thicker. It really went well with the radish, shallot vin, and creamy almond dressing. It was the nice carb complement to those distinct flavours.

I’m not a huge fan of dairy-based dressings, so the almond dressing was perfect. It was creamy and did not have an overpowering dressing taste. It was light and a smooth touch. I really liked it with the squash fritter. Also, I thought that the amount of sesame seeds sprinkled on top would be a problem but I barely noticed them as I made my way through this dish.

I know some people recoil at the sight of a vegan dish but honestly, this was so tasty. I HIGHLY recommend it and would 100% order it again.

I also tried a bite of Anila’s dish, The Brash and that was really good too. It’s packed with so much flavour. So, if you still are against vegan dishes, then The Brash is a good alternative.


Baddies also sells baked good likes cookies and sausage rolls. I didn’t get them but Anila did and she said they were good, especially the cookies (She kept going back to order more!).

For a small place, Baddies sure brings an atmosphere larger than the area it holds. The food is great and the staff is really nice. I, for sure, will be back for another visit.


– Synthia T.

Eat. Snap. Post.

Another self-proclaimed foodie.

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Doughnut worry, I saved my favourite for the last post of 2019 🍩🍩🍩
Pictured here is The Trio from @cops.doughnuts, featuring the Original Sour Cream Glaze, Cinnamon Sugar, and the Eggnog Glaze. @joshismissing and I devoured all of this, along with two other doughnuts from two other places on this day, and we could have had a lot more 😂

If you ever hang out with me, be prepared to eat LOTS of 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

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My last noodz post of the year 😂🍜
The day that @alt.aria and I went to the @toxmasmarket, we decided to have dinner in that area. We chose @bokudistillery, since we wanted a sit down place.

I ordered the Vegetarian Mushroom Ramen ($18) and @alt.aria had the Mussels and Pork Belly ($20). The Vegetarian Mushroom Ramen was really good. The noodles were chewy, and the broth was creamy and flavourful. Like its dish title, it was filled with different kind of mushrooms. It was pretty decent size too.
I wouldn't say it's the best ramen I've had but it was tasty. As for the price, it's decent for the area that it's in. However, I do think you can find ramen just as good (or better) elsewhere in downtown Toronto for cheaper.
Also, to anyone reading this: Shoot your shot, respectfully. You might just get what you want 🙃

#boku #bokudistillery #ramen #japanese #vegetarian #asian #distillerydistrict #eeeeats #foodblogger #foodblog #toronto #torontoeats #huffposttaste #curiocityto #dailyhiveto #tastethesix #yyzeats #tastetoronto #instafood #foodporn #tofoodie #foodstagram #foodie #goodeats #foodreview #canadianblogger #eatsnappost
Winter might be coming but I still gotta have those nice buns 🍔
Extremely late to the party but last week I finally tried @awcanada's @BeyondMeat burger and I'm obsessed! Since I still choose to eat dairy, I've been adding cheese to it too.
Prior to becoming vegetarian, A&W was my one of my favourite fast food places for burgers. The Mama burger was my go-to order. Now that I'm vegetarian, I'm glad I can still eat there 😊
What's your favourite burger place?

#beyondmeat #aandw #burger #beyondmeatburger #vegetarian #fastfood #lactoovovegetarian #eeeeats #foodblogger #foodblog #toronto #huffposttaste #curiocityto #dailyhiveto #tastethesix #yyzeats #tastetoronto #instafood #foodporn #tofoodie #foodstagram #foodie #goodeats #canadianblogger #eatsnappost
Happy Friday the 13th! Here's a pun to make your day a little shawarma 🥙
I've been wanting to eat shawarma for some time but becoming vegetarian has made it a bit difficult to do so. Luckily, @osmows has a @BeyondMeat version!
I ordered the Beyond Meat Half and Half. It's a platter of half fries and half rice, covered with Beyond Meat, and drizzled with the Osmow's sauce. I got the large size which was $15.59.
The Beyond Meat was pretty good. You can tell it's not meat but it gave a pretty similar texture. The spices it was cooked it really helped with masking it's non-meat character. I am glad I got the Half & Half because it was a nice mix of soft and crunchy. I really enjoyed this dish and ate the whole thing 🙈 just wish there was a little more of that Osmow's sauce!

#osmows #beyondmeat #shawarma #mediterranean #mediterraneanfood #vegetarian #eeeeats #foodblogger #foodblog #instafood #foodporn #tofoodie #foodstagram #torontolife #tastetoronto #tastethesix #yyzeats #cravethesix #blogto #curiocityto #dailyhiveto #foodreview #huffposttaste #foodie #goodeats #canadianblogger #eatsnappost
Stop your wine-ing about how cold it is and gløgg your Glühwein 🍷
A visit to the @toxmasmarket isn't complete until I have some Glühwein (mulled wine)! There are plenty of drink stalls that serve mulled wine and all of them require you to stay in the stall area. It's because it's an alcoholic drink, so legally you can't walk around with it.
I can't remember the name of the stall that I got mine at but it was red and it was in front of a Christmas store. At this particular drink stall, it was $9.50+tax for one cup of mulled wine.
It was perfect for the cold day and you can taste the red wine but I couldn't really taste the spices. It was actually kind of sweet, which I didn't mind.
What is your favourite holiday drink?
(Note: The white stuff in my hair is not dandruff... it's rain! 🙈)

#mulledwine #gluhwein #glogg #tcm19 #toronto #christmasmarket #torontochristmasmarket #distillerydistrict #drink #holidayseason #eeeeats #foodblogger #foodblog #instafood #tofoodie #foodstagram #torontolife #tastetoronto #tastethesix #yyzeats #cravethesix #blogto #curiocityto #dailyhiveto #foodreview #huffposttaste #foodie #canadianblogger #asian #eatsnappost
You know you're an old tart when you'd rather stay in than go out with friends 😂
Went to @toxmasmarket this week and I got @alt.aria to try her first butter tart! I had them last year, presumably from the same vendor (@tartistry). I picked the classic pecan flavour for her to try.
The filling was tasty and the perfect amount of sweet for me (@alt.aria thought it was too sweet). It has a nice buttery crust and a good amount of pecans. This year I noticed a little cookie was added. That wasn't as good though.
If you are visiting the Toronto Christmas Market this year, grab a butter tart! They're all gluten free and they have a vegan option. One tart is $3.50 +tax but they also have prices if you're getting more.

#buttertart #butterpecantart #tart #tartistry #tcm19 #toronto #christmasmarket #glutenfree #foodiefriday #tasty #eeeeats #foodblogger #foodblog #instafood #foodporn #tofoodie #foodstagram #torontolife #tastetoronto #tastethesix #yyzeats #cravethesix #f52grams #blogto #foodreview #huffposttaste #foodie #goodeats #canadianblogger #eatsnappost