Batman v Superman Cereal

As a huge Batman fan, I could not resist from buying the Batman v Superman promo cereal. I told myself I wouldn’t but once I saw them in person, I fell in love.

As promo for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, DC Comics/WB and General Mills have teamed up to produce a Batman and a Superman cereal. You can choose to purchase one or both, depending on which character you pledge allegiance to the most (Pssst, choose Batman!).

bvs cereal

The Superman cereal comes in a flavour called “Caramel Crunch”, while Batman’s flavour is “Chocolate Strawberry”. Since I only bought the Batman cereal, I cannot say if it tastes better or worse than the Superman one. To see what I thought about the cereal, watch the video below:

The cereals have been out for a while now but I’m not sure how long they’ll be in stock, at least for Canada. The General Mills website says they’re in Canada for a limited time. So if you’re planning on getting a box, get yours soon!


– Synthia T.

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