For anyone that knows me personally, I LOOOOVEEE doughnuts. Whenever a new doughnut place pops up, I add it to my list. COPS was one of them.

Located in the Adelaide West area, COPS is the sister joint of brunch cafe, Baddies. With its pink exterior, you for sure can’t miss it once you input its address into Google Maps.

The place is small but when I visited with my friend Anila, we were the only people in that day. Which was surprising because it’s one of the best tasting doughnuts I’ve had in Toronto!

Made fresh, COPS serves mini doughnuts that you can get in a pack of six or a dozen. I can’t remember if you can get a single doughnut but these are so small that getting at least six is worth it. Since there were two of us, and suggested by the staff, we got a dozen to share.

For one batch of six doughnuts, we had the Cinnamon Sugar. The second batch, we got the Original COPS Glaze.

Within about five minutes, these freshly made babies were ready for us to eat. The great thing about these mini doughnuts are how light they are. It was like eating a puff of fried air. They were soft, yet still had a crisp to them.

The Cinnamon Sugar batch had was slightly overloaded with cinnamon but it was still really tasty. With the second batch, that glaze really enhanced the original doughnuts. It gave them that extra oomph to make it extra addicting.

Would I go back? Absolutely. How can you not if the doughnuts are freshly made, delicious, and cute? Also, if you’re a coffee lover, they also have some drip coffee to accompany the delicious treats. If those two things aren’t convincing enough, how about this Instagram-worthy wall as a backdrop for your next post?

If you’ve tried out this place let me know, along with any other doughnut places I should hit up!

– Synthia T.

Eat. Snap. Post.

Another self-proclaimed foodie.

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