Ebi Sushi & Arte Gelato

This past summer, I went to Ebi Sushi and Arte Gelato with my friend Andrea. We had time to kill before a comedy show in Toronto so we went for dinner and dessert.

Whenever I’m in Toronto for sushi, I rarely eat AYCE sushi. This time was no different. I had never been to Ebi Sushi before, but like I said, all sushi places taste the same to me.

I don’t remember my exact order for the roll but I got the vegetable tempura and I believe the dragon roll.

Dragon roll

Dragon roll


Vegetable tempura

Then after, we went to Arte Gelato for, of course, gelato! The place had so many different choices. It definitely took us a while to select what we wanted. I can’t remember what I got but one was definitely something with berries and the other had mangoes/peach in it.

Arte Gelato

Arte Gelato

The gelato was good, and perfect since I remember it being boiling hot that day. I just didn’t like the cookie stick they add on but besides that, great gelato!

There are so many places for sushi and gelato in Toronto, which are your favourites?

– Synthia T.

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