Far East Taco

A new restaurant opened up in North Oakville. It’s a Korean-inspired taco place called, Far East Taco. Besides tacos, the place also serves up baos, rice bowls, and kimchi fries. It’s a small joint but a menu like that should liven it up.



The Tacos

There are meat and vegetarian options for the tacos ($5.25/$5.95) and baos ($6.25/$6.95):

    • – Bulgogi
    • – Pork Belly
    • – Kalbi
    • – Tofu and Mushrooms
    • – Korean Fried Chicken
    • – Fish Tempura

Since this is Korean-inspired, the taco/bao options are Korean. Also, if you want a bao instead of a taco, it’s a dollar more.

Left: Korean Fried Chicken taco, Right: Kalbi taco

I decided to opt for a taco instead of a bao, just because I didn’t feel like having a heavy carb. Because I love Korean Fried Chicken, I went for that one. As described on their menu, the Korean Fried Chicken is “Fried chicken strips, naked or spicy”. Naked means mild. I went for mild just because I’m not sure how spicy their hot sauce is. Plus, I had Korean hot sauce as a topping. I also ordered a Kalbi Taco for my cousin. The Kalbi has “Grilled beef short ribs marinated in Korean BBQ sauce.”

When you order a taco or bao, there are toppings that you can put on it. I don’t remember exactly what they were but there were maybe eight toppings you could put on the tacos/baos, one of them being Korean hot sauce. I assume everything is made as its ordered, since it took awhile for my order number to be called.

I had my order to-go and when I got home, I was immediately disappointed. I had a feeling that it was one taco for $5.95 but I didn’t expect them to be so small. Both tacos I ordered were put in a large takeout box and upon opening, I just couldn’t believe I paid $11 for these two tacos. I know the tacos are made to order but I was flabbergasted. However, I thought maybe the taste would slightly make me feel better about the price. Nope. For $5.95, it was an okay taco. I’ve had pricier and way better tasting tacos in Toronto.

Inside the Korean Fried Chicken taco

I can only judge the Korean Fried Chicken Taco, since that’s the one I ordered for myself. The chicken was dry, not as crispy as regular Korean fried chicken I’ve had (And I’ve made my own!), and it wasn’t tender. If I didn’t say yes to the Korean hot sauce or the other sauce that’s included in the toppings, it would have been such a dry taco. Inside were three decently sized pieces of chicken (I wouldn’t call them strips though), so that’s one plus. Also, the tortilla itself tasted like tortillas you get in those Old El Paso boxes. I don’t want to be mean, but that’s literally what it tasted like to me, and I’ve had my fair share of those to know that taste. Part of me now wishes I ordered a bao instead or asked for spicy instead of mild.


Kimchi Fries

If there’s one thing I really love in Korean food, it’s kimchi. So when I saw Kimchi Fries on their menu, I knew I had to try it out. There are three options to choose from: Bulgogi, Pork Belly, and Tofu (for the vegetarians) and in two sizes: Regular ($7.95) or Large ($10.95). It also indicates that all the fries “are topped with cheese, kimchi, green onions, crema & Korean hot sauce”.. I decided to try out a classic Korean dish, the Bulgogi in a regular size.

When I first opened the box, I was impressed. It was packed and looked way more promising than the tacos. The Bulgogi Kimchi Fries is described as, “Sautéed sliced sirloin marinated in Korean BBQ sauce”. Sounds good, right? Digging through the box, it was packed with lots of kimchi and the toppings. I was trying to find the Bulgogi and found small amount of it. The box was loaded with kimchi, the toppings, and the thick cut fries. When I did get pieces of the Bulgogi, it was mediocre. The beef was tender but it needed more sauce or seasoning. It was slightly lacking in flavour but eating it with the fries and kimchi did help.

So, does this place deserve a return? Maybe. I’m curious to see how the bao tastes compared to the taco and if the Rice Bowls are really worth their price, considering my disappointment with the tacos. The Rice Bowls range from $10.95 to $12.95.

Also, I did go on the first day of its opening but one would assume that the first day would be a great tasting experience. Also, it was busy but not busy, busy when I went around dinner time too. There were about three other groups that ordered around the time I placed my order. It has taken the place a long time to be opened but maybe I’ve just had really good Korean food and I’ve overhyped this place for myself.

Regardless, this is my honest opinion based on my tasting experience and I can only speak from that.


– Synthia T.
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Thanks a latte, @nespresso.ca ☕!
TIFF '19 ended this past Sunday. During the festival, I saw 19 films in 11 days. To try and stay awake, I drank lots of @nespresso coffee (swipe ⏩).
It started with one cup on Festival Street, where I had the Melozio. It has the intensity of 6. Then, when volunteering at the TIFF Industry Centre, I had many cups there during my shifts. I had one of the strongest ones twice in one day and instantly regretted it after my shift.
TIFF is when I mainly drink coffee because I need to stay awake for all the films.

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Yesterday was the start of September, which meant I officially started being a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I'm not against eating meat but for health and environmental reasons, I've decided to make the lifestyle switch. I would like to cut out dairy and egg but it's too difficult for me right now.
I had a veggie dog today at @canadaslargestribfest from @theultimatefoodtruckco. It does have a different texture and taste but it wasn't that bad! It slightly tasted like some kind of tofu.

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Keep calm and curry on! (Swipe ⏩)
Two weeks ago I went to Manpuku for a second visit, after a trip to the AGO. Again, I had the takoyaki but I also ordered the Curry Udon with beef.
For $6.99, the size was pretty good for the price. I do think for some people, the curry might be a bit "watered down". I know I wasn't used to it but there is still a prominent curry flavour. Also, for an extra $1.50, you can get a noodle refill but the amount given was perfect for me at the time.

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Whiskey away to a colder climate, please! 🍧
The summer heat is why one reason I can't stand this season but having @kekougelato makes it bearable!
Yesterday I got a scoop of Whiskey Green Tea on top of a scoop of Durian. The Whiskey Green Tea holds more whiskey than green tea but eventually the taste of the whiskey starts to fade when you continue to eat it. And the green tea provides an almost Earthy element to the combo. When I combine that with the Durian, the Durian packs a much stronger flavour than the Whiskey Green Tea but both are still good flavours to get.
Thank you again @alt.aria for your complimentary double scoop! 💙 

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Trying to be creative for a pearl-fect caption. Happy Friday!
🥤: Two Ladies from @cocoteaontario

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(Free) Food will always have a pizza my heart 🍕
To celebrate the grand opening of their Oakville location, @blazepizza is giving away free pizzas today from 11 AM to 10 PM! All you have to do is download the Blaze Pizza app and go line up for the free pizza! It's that simple! You can choose from one of their Signature pizzas or Build Your Own (1-2 toppings).
I've been meaning to check out Blaze Pizza in Toronto but always forgot to and since I'm closer to Oakville, today's grand opening was the perfect way for me to try it! I got the Art Lover signature pizza (swipe ⏩), which has artichokes, ricotta, mozzarella, garlic, and dollups of tomato sauce. I also added some oregano. The pizza is thin (which I prefer), and though it doesn't look like much on the Art Lover one, it actually packs a lot of flavour.
(The other pizza pictured is the Meat Eater.)
What's your go-to pizza topping?

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