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Recently opened in Toronto, Fuwa Fuwa is a Japanese restaurant that serves light, soufflé-like pancakes. In Japanese culture, these pancakes are traditionally served after a big event, like a wedding. Fuwa Fuwa brings that experience to you every day. Also, in Japanese, “fuwa fuwa” means “fluffy fluffy” which is exactly what you get with these pancakes.

With two locations in Toronto, I went with my friend Anila to the location in Toronto’s Annex area. This particular location was small. I noticed there were about four tables and two sides on long, bar tables.

When we entered, there is a sign that says to order first and then take a seat. I didn’t notice the menu above the kitchen/cash register like most places. Instead, they have individual menus for you to take a look at. I think that’s great because then you don’t have to stand in line and hold up the line to make your decision.

Their menu consists of savoury or sweet pancakes. They also have drinks for you to order as well. Or, you can take a cup of their complimentary water nearby the register. We ended up ordering the Raspberry and Caramelized Banana Pancake. That was $13.80. It comes with the Original Pancakes, raspberry, blackberry, banana, and raspberry sauce.

After ordering, they handed us a number that we leave on our table, since they would be bringing the pancake to us. We were also given gold coated forks and napkins. Although, for some reason, our order took the longest. By the time ours arrived, everyone else that was in the restaurant had left and we were the only ones there.

When our pancakes did arrive, they were the cutest. The order came with two pancakes, one banana caramelized split in half, whipped cream, and some raspberries and a blackberry. There was also a mint leaf and powdered sugar sprinkled throughout to top it all off.

I’ve had Mildred’s Temple Kitchen pancakes before (which I still need to make my review) and these were WAY more fluffier and than Mildred’s. It was so soft, so light, and so airy. It was smooth and creamy. Normally I find Asian desserts not sweet enough, which at first bite, these pancakes didn’t seem like it’d match my sweet tooth, but as I continued, it was pretty good.

I assume the caramelized banana was the reason why our pancakes took a while to arrive. However, if it was going to take about half an hour, it’d be nice if the entire banana was caramelized. It was only caramelized on the top half of the banana with powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

The raspberries and blackberry were tart, which is probably because they’re not in-season. But I was surprised that the raspberry sauce actually did taste like raspberry. It wasn’t an artificial taste that you’d get at McDonald’s or something. I quite liked that.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first visit to Fuwa Fuwa. The portion size is a little small for $13+ but it was tasty and I would go back to try the other kinds available. Maybe even try one of the savoury ones! So what I’m trying to say, is that this place is definitely worth trying.

– Synthia T.
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