Guu Izakaya

On December 20th, I ended my Vegan Challenge and I went out for dinner with friends. We went to Guu Izakaya, a Japanese restauarant in Toronto. I’ve never been before so it was my first time trying out the place.

When we got there, the place was pretty full (They have another location called Guu SakaBar – never been there as well). It’s not a big restaurant, so it’s understandable that it would be packed around dinner time. We would have made reservations but at this time, they didn’t take them (Now they do!). It was about a half hour wait for my friends and I – we had a group of four. The place has a waiting area inside and off to the side. There’s a big heater, powered by gas tanks, and while you wait, you can order drinks. However, when you do so, the drinks arrive in the waiting area – not when you get your table.

Since the place isn’t that big, tables were close in proximity to each other. The restaurant also had bar seats, but we wanted a table. Also, whenever someone comes in or leaves, they yell something in Japanese. I’m not sure what they say since I don’t know Japanese but it’s probably along the lines of “Welcome!” and “Bye!”. The atmosphere is quite loud; music is blasted, making it kind of difficult to hear those around you. The lighting was a bit dark for my taste but it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Anyway, onto the food. The dishes are quite small and a bit pricey for the portions. However, each dish was delicious. Here’s what I ordered:

Kurage: marinated jellyfish - $4.50

Kurage: marinated jellyfish – $4.50


Karubi: grilled salt and pepper beef short ribs with scallion sauce – $6.80

Brie Cheese: deep fried brie cheese with mango and blueberry sauce - $6.80

Brie Cheese: deep fried brie cheese with mango and blueberry sauce – $6.80

Unagi Doria: BBQ water eel on mixed mushrooms rice with cheese on top - $9.30

Unagi Doria: BBQ water eel on mixed mushrooms rice with cheese on top – $9.30

Salmon Natto Yukke

Salmon Natto Yukke: chopped salmon sashimi with seven friends (natto, takuan, shibazuke, scallion, cucumber, garlic chips & raw egg yolk).
*Note: This I didn’t order. It came to our table by mistake and I thought it was the brie cheese dish. They were nice enough to not charge me for this.

My favourite dish overall was the Brie Cheese. I mean, you can’t go wrong with deep fried food! The mango and blueberry sauce added some sweetness to the thick cheese taste, giving a nice balance.

My least favourite would have to be the Salmon Natto Yukke. It’s not because it was given to us by mistake, but because I’m not a fish person. Thus, eating the salmon sashimi pieces mixed with the raw egg yolk really did not sit well with me. Underneath the bowl, laid sheets of seaweed. I assumed you put in the salmon mix onto the seaweed and make a wrap. This helped the taste a bit but not by much.

We didn’t eat dessert, as we were all full by the dishes we ordered. But would I go back to the restaurant? Yes. I would like to try their desserts and other dishes. They seem to have new dishes or specials going on every day!

If you’ve been to Guu Izakaya or Guu SakaBar, let me know what you think of it!


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Boba, please! Bubble tea is the superior autumn drink because you can have it all year round!
🥤: Red Bean Matcha Milk Tea from @cocoteaontario

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Almond gosh! Another pumpkin spice thing?! 🎃
It's not new but I recently tried @traderjoes' Pumpkin Spice Almond Beverage. It's vegan, gluten-free, soy free, and lactose and dairy free.
To be honest, the only pumpkin spice thing I've tried is the drink from Starbucks and I rarely go to Starbucks. This has a strong cinnamon punch. If anything, it should be called 'Cinnamon Almond Beverage' because that's all I taste.
It's not too sweet. It's got a creamy feel and is slightly smooth. You can definitely see the spices in the drink. It's not the greatest but not the worst. It actually grows on you.

Would I repurchase it? Nah. I'll stick to the traditional almond drinks.

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I like saving the Earth for future generations and other species a choco-lat more than eating meat 🤷🏻‍♀️🍰
Had the Chocolate Caramel Cake from @ikeacanada at the end of September. Very rich and definitely hits that sweet tooth! While I've been vegetarian for a bit over a month now, that doesn't mean I can't eat delicious foods. The stigma against vegetarian/vegan food is ridiculous. I've been vegan in the past and I've had just as good vegan/vegetarian food as meat-containing products. If you know how flavours work, then you know how to make something delicious.
Also- I'm not shaming people for eating meat. But, with climate change, it's best if we all eat meat a little less. The carbon footprint in the meat industry is a great one and we all can do our part. Have Meatless Mondays, or make it a habit to make at least one meatless meal a day.
Climate change is natural phenomenon. It will happen and has happened before. BUT, it's the rate that it is occurring at which is the problem. Humans and other species on this Earth will not survive—the Earth will and adapt. So, let's try and keep the Earth habitable for all the babies and their future kids, and all the other species.

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The days of smelling like grease or smoky barbeque after a meal ar-gan. (Swipe ⏩)
Thank you @influensterca for sending me this #complimentary bottle of @Dove Body Wash Mousse! Already loving the smell from the "scratch and sniff" part but cannot wait to actually try it out!
Also- keeping it real with this selfie taken in the bathroom, where I'll be using this product ✌️
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Soy happy I finally have a #MeatlessMonday post! 🌿🍔
Featured (Swipe ⏩): @gardein Veggie Burger and @gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger.

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There's nothing fishy about these golden filets 🐟
Before I went vegetarian, I RARELY ate fish. The main fishes I ate were tuna and eel. But I've had fish and chips before, so I know what to compare when trying out the @garden Golden Filets.
Maybe because of the grease, it really gave off that fishy, seafood smell I've encountered with fish and chips here. But after a while, it subsided and I was able to enjoy it. The soy taste isn't as prominent in this as other Gardein products but you can still see that because of it, the texture isn't the same. However, it is a good alternative for new vegans/vegetarians that cut out fish.

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