Juice Cleanse: Day 3

I had my alarm set for 8AM but I was too tired to get up. I stayed in bed until 9:30AM. I did sleep well again, so that’s one good thing this cleanse is good for. But, when I did eventually get up, my body was so sore. Again, it’s because I’ve been making juices everyday for 5 people. I cannot stress this enough, but if you are doing a cleanse, do not make it for anyone other than yourself.

The juices I drank are the same ones as Day 1, which you can find the recipes here. However, since I didn’t have enough of each ingredient, I substituted different fruits and vegetables. For example, if a recipe calls for an apple and grapes but I didn’t have the apple, and if I had more than enough grapes, I would use the extra grapes to substitute for the apple. That would make each recipe taste slightly different. I did that for the green juices and they were much sweeter than normal, and I prefer it that way.

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Above is the photo of my halfway point juice. I decided to do 6 days of the cleanse instead of 7. Every day, all I do is make juices. I take about a couple hours of break and then get right back into it. I’m so tired of making juices. It would be easier if it were for myself but unfortunately it’s not.

For some reason, I did find myself getting more hungry on this third day. It was going well until after my lunch time. I’m not sure if it’s because I started at the time I would normally eat at, or if I’m using more energy than I should from making the juices, thus I’m not getting enough back. I feel as if it’s the latter.

I did make an experimental juice. I posted about that earlier but if you missed it, you can read it here.

Well, Day 3 is done. Time to get a good night sleep as I have 3 more days to go!

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