K & B Sushi

For New Year’s Eve dinner, my family and I went to K & B Sushi for all-you-can-eat. It was my first time eating at the place and I had a great first visit.

The place had nice decor (photo below). I was surprised to see how spacious it was inside. Since it was NYE, the place was packed. With this place, I believe there is a 2 hour eating limit. I know that is the case for some restaurants, especially when you do all-you-can-eat.


The restaurant had paper menus but when you order, it’s using iPads. I know a lot of sushi places are switching to that now. I’m not sure if I prefer that over the paper ones just yet.

Anyway, the food was good. To me, almost every sushi restaurant tastes the same. I didn’t snap many photos except for these two below.



Overall, I had a great time. I got full quickly because my order of handrolls came out first. Also, I was thirsty so I had quite a bit of iced tea to drink, which filled me up quickly too. I don’t know which dish was my favourite but one of my favourite sushi rolls is the spider roll. Spider crab is my favourite!

What did you eat for NYE? Let me know below! Also, Happy belated New Year!

– Synthia T.

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