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Back in May, my coworker Zahnia, and I planned to attend the Mac and Cheese Festival. When we got there, we saw a huge lineup to purchase food vendor tickets. We figured it was not worth the wait (About a 2 to 4-hour wait) and decided to go elsewhere to eat.

We walked around Queen St. West and scoped out a few places. We finally chose Lisa Marie. I had never heard of this place before but we both like the interior of the place. Since we arrived during brunch time, we both ordered from the brunch menu. I had the Double Pancake Pork Burger and Zahnia ordered the Shakshukah.


When my food arrived, I had no clue how I was supposed to eat the burger. Do I use my hands? Or formally with a fork and knife? I attempted to eat the burger with my hands but the bottom pancake was all soggy and fell apart. I had to eat it with a fork and knife instead.ย The dish came with a little serving of maple syrup and a side of pad Thai fries (It was between that, a mixed green salad, or duck fat fries).

The burger was quite delicious. A pancake in a pork burger sounds weird but it’s kind of like having breakfast. Just imagine the pork burger as sausages! The pancakes were done nicely. They were fluffy, soft, and buttery. They definitely gave the pork a nice sweet taste, especially when dipped in the maple syrup. Maple syrup makes everything taste better!
The pad Thai fries were good but spicy! I forgot to squeeze the lime before eating them and then failed at squeezing the lime. The pad Thai sauce kind of tasted like buffalo chicken wing sauce. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if it’s supposed to be pad Thai, I’m expecting a pad Thai taste. I did like the addition of bean sprouts! A touch of a fresh, crunch taste.


I didn’t try Zahnia’s Shakshukah dish but she said it was good, so I’m taking her word for it.



I would definitely head back to this place after this visit. The food tasted great, service was good, and the interior is so pretty. Plus, your bill is given in a cassette tape case!


I also found out that this is one of Fidel Gastro’s restaurants, so you’re bound to have a good experience! If you’re in the Trinity Bellwoods area, drop by Lisa Marie for a bite!


– Synthia T.
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