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Surprise! I travelled to London earlier this month with my friend Susan and I had a wonderful time! I greatly miss my time there; I was only there for four days and then headed to Paris right after.

Of course, anywhere I go, I must document my food adventures. I will admit, I did not eat much in London – the food there is expensive! I did eat my fair share of McDonald’s. However, I did have some new experiences to share.

Let’s begin with the plane ride to London.

I first had a connecting flight from Toronto to JFK. I was disappointed to learn that our gate was not in the terminal with Shake Shack, so I had to go with McDonald’s instead.

Next up: The plane ride from JFK to Heathrow!

The food wasn’t actually bad on American Airlines. I was quite surprised. Remembering the flight itinerary, it was noted that we’d receive dinner and snack for our flight.

Dinner on American Airlines flight from JFK to Heathrow.

More dinner goodies from American Airlines.

The Double Crunch Brownie.

The Double Crunch Brownie.

I believe the dinner options were Teriyaki Chicken or Pasta (I can’t remember which kind but it was a vegetarian option). I chose the Teriyaki Chicken. It was decent for airplane food. Small portion, but with the addition of the bread roll, Double Crunch Brownie, salad, and cheese and crackers, I was quite full.

I really did not like the cheddar cheese given with the cracker. You could really taste how processed it was. The Double Crunch Brownie was alright, but it would have been better if it wasn’t cold. Overall, I had an appetizing meal.


My first meal in London was Indian Afternoon Tea at the Strand Palace Hotel. It was inside the Daawat Indian Restaurant. A normal Indian Afternoon Tea costs £24.95 (roughly $50 CAD), but the place had a promotional where it was £18.72 per person (or 25% off).



Close ups of each tier.


Top: Scones (Left- Strawberry Jam, Right: Cream which tasted like butter), Bottom: Bombay chicken burger.

The scones were delicious. The strawberry jam was much better than the Windsor Arms Hotel; it had a thick consistency and had an intense strawberry taste. The cream, which we believe to be butter, was the best cream ever! It really did taste like butter, which is why we think it was butter. Regardless, I could eat that cream/butter everyday! The Bombay chicken burger was tasty. Lot’s of spice and it was cooked nicely. The chicken wasn’t dry, which is a plus. I think it was a bit spicy, but Indian spice is the best kind of spice.

london eats

Left: Nan Tikki (Seasonal vegetable stuffed roll) , Right: Paneer Kathi Roll (Warm wrap served with Indian cheese tossed with peppers and onion)

The Nan Tikki roll was like a spring roll. I don’t remember if it was spicy or not. The Paneer Kathi Roll was probably the spiciest item of all. I don’t know what meat was inside (Hopefully not lamb!) but it was very tasty. I definitely had to down some of my Cranberry Tea to cool down my tongue! Not pictured is the Samosa. It was good and spicy, but it still doesn’t beat the one from A1 Sweets.

We didn’t get to the desserts, so we took them back to our hotel. We didn’t have the same desserts listed on the menu, so I have no idea what each dessert is. I know we definitely had two macarons (I believe I ate the coffee flavoured one), Chocolate samosa mango pure, two fruit tarts, two strawberry mousses, two eclairs, and two cream puffs. Let’s just say that they all taste better fresh than two days after.


For our first taste of McDonald’s in London, Susan and I had a Share Box. For 20 Chicken McNuggets, I believe it was about £5. We also added medium fries and two drinks, which came to about £7 (roughly $14 CAD). It was a little bit cheaper than the McDonald’s in Canada. Our motto for the trip was “If it’s cheaper or the same, we’ll eat it.”londoneats

One of our McDonald’s run included the special drinks, possibly exclusive to London. They were only there for a limited time so we HAD to try them.

londoneatsI ordered the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade (Left). I watched how they made it and it was quite fancy for a McDonald’s drink. They had to make the lemonade slush first and then added the strawberry syrup. After that, they take a mixing stick and mix the strawberry syrup with the lemonade slush, to create the blended look. I wanted to love the drink, but it was quite sour for me. I’m a sweets person, so a little bit of sourness will be very sour to me. I know it’s lemonade, but lemonade in Canada is kind of sweet!


During our trip to Chinatown, we ate lunch at Herman Ze German. It was one our list of one of the food places to try.

londoneatsI ordered the Bratwurst meal. It came with a wurst in a roll, pomme frittes, and a fritz soda. This all came to £8.55 – a little pricey but we needed to eat something other than McDonald’s!

The Bratwurst consisted of pork and veal. It was good, but you can tell it tasted slightly different because of the veal. It wasn’t bad, but it was interesting. I had cheese and crispy onions on my wurst in a roll. Never again will I order the cheese. It was an extra £1.50 and it was probably the most pungent tasty cheese I have ever consumed. I don’t know what the cheese was but it made me feel nauseous. The crispy onions were great, but the cheese a no-no! The pomme frites were great fresh; they were very crispy! However, if you didn’t eat them right away, it got a bit stale and lost it’s great flavour. The fritz soda I chose was the fritz-limo lemonade. Warning: This drink is EXTREMELY carbonated. Literally after every sip, I had to burp. It definitely did not help that I was thirsty. I don’t know how they carbonated that drink, but it had so much fizz that it could fill you up on its own.


On our last full day in London (tear), we ate at EAT. No joke, this sandwich shop is found on almost every street in Central London. We dined at the one by Shakespeare’s Globe, by the Riverside Bank.


I got the Breakfast Hot Pot with mushroom. The Hot Pot consisted of poached egg and beans. I really craved soup while I was in London, and this was the closest I could get for soup during breakfast time. It was pretty good but small for the price. I believe it was £3 for this but with a drink it was close to £7.


The bottom of the bowl.

On this day, we also ventured to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. The only thing we had there was the Butterbeer.

londoneatsIt was like a caramel root beer soda with cream on top. It was sweet and pretty good. I didn’t find much special about it, but for a non-Harry Potter fan, I was satisfied.


On our last day in London, after visiting the Tower Bridge, we had breakfast at Pret A Manger. Like EAT, we saw this place also on every street we came across. Thus naturally, we had to dine there for our last meal in London.



Left: Sausage, Bacon and Egg Hot Sandwich, Right: Blueberry Muffin

At Pret, the food is made by the place, so everything is made fresh! I got the Sausage, Bacon, and Egg Hot Sandwich, the Blueberry Muffin, and Mandarin & Lychee juice (made by Pret too!). The sandwich was good, but I was impressed by the bacon. I am not a bacon person (Shocking, I know!) and I found this bacon quite likable. It wasn’t as salty as the ones here in Canada. The sausage was pretty tasty too – nicely seasoned. My favourite was the Blueberry muffin. It oozed of blueberry bits and was the right amount of sweetness for me. I loved every bite! I was very disappointed with the Mandarin & Lychee drink. I think the label said there were no artificial sugars added, but there was barely any hint of lychee! You could tell it was mandarin but it almost unnoticeable as well. It pretty much was highly diluted juice. Such a disappointment. But if you ever do visit a Pret, please get the Blueberry muffin!

As a treat to myself, I got a Krispy Kreme doughnut. I can’t remember the kind I got, but it had something to do with caramel. It was around £1.20 for this doughnut, but it reminded me of home, and I can’t go to London and not eat a doughnut!



If it looks like I barely ate in London, that’s partly true. What I didn’t document were the sandwich and pasta meal deals we bought at local grocery stores. They came with either a sandwich or pasta, a drink, and a snack. I had to get two meal deals each time because I eat quite a bit. We got these meal deals from Tesco and Sainsbury’s. I believe they were £3 or £4 for each meal deal. For what they are, it’s pretty decent. They’re like the pre-made meals at any grocery store in Canada.

I wish I got to experience a full English breakfast in London, but sadly that never happened. Next time I visit, I for sure will have a full English breakfast. I also will try fish and chips (even though I hate fish). I just have to remember to not look at the prices and just eat the food.


– Synthia T.
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