Marilyn Monroe Café

Over the summer, my friends Lina and Jenny, and I went to the Marilyn Monroe Café. It’s located in downtown Oakville.

The place is registered under Marilyn Monroe’s estate and it is exactly how you would imagine it. The place is pristine white, classy, sophisticated, and modern. I wish I snapped photos of the decor but I was too caught up with it’s prettiness.


As mentioned, it is located in downtown Oakville so it’s your normal sized cafe shop. However, the place is two levels. We went up to the top level. The tables and chairs are quite small though.

As for the food and drinks, I got the red velvet cupcake and I believe the strawberry banana smoothie.


They package the cupcake into this cute takeout box. It was adorable but difficult to take out the cupcake. Also, it’s not very eco-friendly since we were eating at the place.

The red velvet cupcake was delicious! I can’t say the same for the smoothie though. It was a bit watery and the banana wasn’t blended well. I had chunks of banana inside.

Would I go back there? I would say yes. Probably not frequently, but if I’m ever in the area again, I wouldn’t mind dropping by. It is a cute cafe so I do suggest going there at least once. And, it’s a Marilyn Monroe place!

– Synthia T.

Eat. Snap. Post.

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