McDonald’s Curry Sauce

If you’re in North America, there’s a chance that you’ve never heard of the McDonald’s Curry Sauce (unless you’ve watched those Buzzfeed-like videos trying out McDonald’s menus from around the world). Well today, I will be changing that.

Recently, my brother-in-law’s cousin came for a visit from Singapore and brought over a huge haul of McDonald’s Curry Sauce meant for McNuggets. Here in Canada, our options for McNuggets sauces are limited to the following: Barbeque, Sweet & Sour, and Hot Mustard. (My go-to sauce is Sweet & Sour- what’s yours?)

Since the sauce is meant for McNuggets, I had to purchase McNuggets in order to give this a fair review. Luckily when I decided to do my taste test, the McDonald’s app had a $1 deal for 6-pieces of McNuggets (Perfect timing!).

From first glance, the packaging is different than the sauces here. It’s more refined, simple, and clean. I prefer the it more than the packaging design for the ones here in Canada. It also has a simple line illustration.

Upon opening, the sauce has a caramel colour but has a strong curry smell. The viscosity is quite runny. I thought it’d be slightly thick since most Asian curries tend to be a bit thick.

Now time for the taste!

As soon as the sauce hits your tongue, you can really taste the curry flavour. It’s also got a bit of curry spice kick. I’ve tried Chinese, Japanese, and Indian curry and they’re all distinctive. I would say that this curry sauce is more towards the taste of Indian curry. So if you’re a huge fan of Indian curry, you need to grab hold of this sauce.

With the hype from my brother-in-law, I found the sauce quite underwhelming. It tasted like curry. It smelled like curry. It looked like curry. But it lacked that curry feel. When I eat curry it’s usually hot; this sauce is at room temperature, so the curry loses that warm feeling. Don’t get me wrong- it had a great curry spice flavour- it’s the temperature that threw me off. It felt as if the curry sauce wasn’t cooked but it is.

Overall, the sauce isn’t bad tasting and I did end up eating more than one McNugget with the sauce. But if you’re used to warm curry, this sauce may take a while to warm up to.

I’m not sure if this McNugget Sauce is available in other parts of the world, but it’s definitely at McDonald’s locations in Singapore. So if you’ve got friends there, tell them to send you/bring you back some to try!


– Synthia T.

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