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Pretty much any foodie in Toronto or the GTA knows about Summerlicious. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a time where restaurants in Toronto have prix fixe menus for a set price. Depending on the restaurant, the menu items are curated current menu item or they’ll throw in something new for the event.

I always attempt to attend a restaurant just to see how it is during this time of the year. This year, I got together with friends from university for a catch-up/reunion dinner. We decided on the Museum Tavern, located near the Royal Ontario Museum. Museum Tavern offered a $25 Prix Fixe dinner during Summerlicious.

The inside wasn’t as big as I thought it’d be, considering the place used to be a two-level McDonald’s, but it wasn’t snug either. The place is described as a pub, but the decor makes it look a little more upscale. Since we had about 6-8 people in our party, we decided to make reservations ahead of time. (Note: Some restaurants during Summerlicious may not allow reservations.)


museumtavern The menu had quite a lot of items on it. I would say about 4-6 items for the Appetizers, Mains, and 2-3 items for Dessert. I was torn between the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger and the Steak. I ended up going with the burger, even though the steak option was probably more worth it for the price. I chose the burger because I looked up the reviews of the place beforehand and saw what the burger looked like. That was probably my swaying vote.


museumtavern For my appetizer, I chose the Duck Buns. I’ve had the Pork Buns at Momofuku and thought it would be similar. I was right. The plate came with two Duck Buns. The buns were soft and folded like tacos, engulfing the duck meat. The duck meat was dressed in Hoisin sauce and sriracha – I’m not new to this combination, since my family does this at home. It did give the duck meat nice flavouring. The duck meat itself was okay. I’ve tasted better duck meat, and I’ve had my fair share of duck meat (It’s one of my favourite meats to eat). However, I quite enjoyed this appetizer.


museumtavern As I mentioned, I chose the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger as my main item. The burger came with fries in a cute little tin mug. The fries were really good, but a tad bit salty. For the burger, the chicken meat was really fried, which I loved. The chicken was white and juicy – excellently cooked. The chicken was topped with spicy jalepeno slaw and adobo mayo, giving a nice kick to the burger. I can’t recall the kind of mayo that was in it, but it did have a little bit of heat to it. There was cheese in the burger and I could see it while I ate it, but I could only taste the cheese in the first bite. It’s disappointing but also a good thing since so far the best cheese I’ve tasted was in Paris. A slice of pickle was also added in. To me, the pickle, looks wise, didn’t fit in, but the flavour of it added a nice tang to the burger. The flavours of the pickle, slaw, and mayo really complemented each other. I must say, I really enjoyed this burger. My only complaint: I wish it was bigger!


museumtavern For dessert, I decided to play it safe and chose the Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing. Well, next time, I am not playing it safe. The cake pretty much tasted like chocolate cakes you’d buy in a grocery store. Truthfully, I could bake a cake that tasted better than this. I was quite disappointed with it. It didn’t ruin my dinner but I certainly would not order dessert from this place again.

Overall, I enjoyed my Summerlicious experience at Museum Tavern. The servers were extremely nice and welcoming. When our server went for a break, them and the new server notified us about the break, which was really great of them to do (Excellent customer service!). This bit might not be important for some people but water refills were prompt, including alcoholic drinks! One of my friends didn’t even noticed that his beer was refilled!

From my experience, I would go back to the Museum Tavern for another round. But I won’t order the Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing again 😉


– Synthia T.
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Ein Mann geht mit einem Döner. Ich sage „So groß!“ Er sagt „Danke“. 😏
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A man walks with a Döner. I say, "So big!" He says, "Thanks!" 😏
The food at @zibadoner is delicious! My review is on my blog. Link in bio.
And thanks @feedmyphone for the vouchers for the free Döner! 🍢🌯
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