National Doughnut Day – Krispy Kreme Edition


It’s one of my favourite days of the year (Not kidding!). Doughnuts are one of my favourite sweets and I could eat a whole box of them by myself, if I REALLY wanted to. I mean I did buy a dozen doughnuts for myself but moderation is key, right? Anyway, in celebration of this wondrous day, here’s a review of some of Krispy Kreme’s doughnuts from that dozen batch (just in case you wanted to pick some up for National Doughnut Day).

Note: I just want to mention that I didn’t buy a dozen different doughnuts. I actually bought 6 Original Glazed and 6 Flavoured doughnuts. I won’t be reviewing the Original Glazed doughnut in this post.

Doughnut #1: Powdered Strawberry Filled
doughnutday2016 Powdered doughnuts are my favourite kind of doughnuts. Whenever I see one, there’s a 90% chance I’ll order it. The Krispy Kreme Powdered Strawberry Filled doughnut has a dough taste similar to the Original Glazed. It’s got that deep-fried goodness taste. The strawberry filling actually looks like strawberry jam (Photo below).
doughnutday2016doughnutday2016 I wasn’t too fond of the strawberry flavour. I didn’t feel that it complemented the overall doughnut taste. I think it’s because I’m used to having a raspberry filling instead. But, I still enjoyed the doughnut. It’s the powdered top that sweetens the deal for me. It adds a refreshing sweet taste.


Doughnut #2: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
doughnutday2016 This doughnut was quite disappointing. First, I thought the icing/cream in the middle was had part of the doughnut underneath. NOPE. This was one of those centre-holed doughnuts. As I bit into the doughnut, the icing/cream fell through! Luckily, I ate it on a plate so I could scoop it up with the doughnut but it got messy. Also, the icing/cream had a fake sweet taste and made the overall doughnut taste too sweet. Sadly, I will not be re-ordering this doughnut.


Doughnut #3: Caramel Kreme Crunch
doughnutday2016 This doughnut had the deep-fried Original Glazed doughnut dough taste, which I loved. As its name suggests, the doughnut had a nice toffee crunch with a delicious chocolate icing.
doughnutday2016 The doughnut had a caramel filling but it was my least favourite part. It just didn’t complement the doughnut. I would have preferred the filling to not be there and substitute the chocolate icing for a caramel one. However, the doughnut was one of my favourite of the batch.


Doughnut #4: Snicker Doodle
doughnutday2016 I’ll be honest. I have no idea what a normal snicker doodle is supposed to taste like. But if it’s anything like this doughnut, I’ll pass. Truthfully, this doughnut was boring. First, the dough was off. It tasted more like a cake than doughnut. It would have been better with the deep-fried dough of the Original Glazed.
doughnutday2016 Secondly, the dough was too thick. It was like eating bread. Third, it had too much cinnamon flavour. It overpowered any other taste. The doughnut just wasn’t enjoyable for me.


Doughnut #5: Chocolate Iced with Kreme Filling
doughnutday2016The best part of this doughnut was the creme filling.
doughnutday2016 It resembles the marshmallow creme that comes in a jar, like Nutella. Delicious! The chocolate icing was a tad too rich for my liking. It made the doughnut incredibly sweet. But, I did like that it used the deep-fried dough of the Original Glazed. If were to re-purchase this, I’d do it just for that creme filling.


Doughnut #6: Oreo and Kreme
doughnutday2016 Apparently I never took down notes when I ate this doughnut (Oops!). I do remember liking the dough because it had the deep-fried dough taste. The Oreo crumbly top is very messy, so you’ll definitely need a plate or napkin to eat it. It did give a good crunch to the doughnut.
doughnutday2016 I do remember not really liking the filling. It didn’t taste like caramel but it looked like caramel. It might have been creme but because I microwaved it, the creme caramelized.  It wasn’t a bad doughnut, just not very memorable!


Till this day, none of the other Krispy Kreme doughnuts beat the Original Glazed. It’s my go-to order at Krispy Kreme and it’s never had me disappointed. BUT, if I were to pick one from this batch, I’d have to go with the Powdered Strawberry Filled. It’s the powdered sugar – it’s my weakness.

Now you know what I thought of the doughnuts, time to make your pick and grab one for National Doughnut Day! And just in case you didn’t know, you get any one Krispy Kreme doughnut for FREE today! HAPPY NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY! 😀


– Synthia T.

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