NUCLEAR Fire Noodle Challenge

If you recall last year, I participated in the Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge. This year, there’s a new AND spicier version of the challenge.

Samyang Foods has released a new version of their highly popular Fire Noodles – it’s the NUCLEAR version. On the bag, the label clearly states that it is 2x spicier! But, I love food and I love a good food challenge. Since I was able to complete the challenge last year, I thought I’d give this one a go.

I normally don’t eat spicy foods – I love the kick that it gives but my body can’t take too much of it. Knowing that this one is twice as spicy, I had my doubts on whether I could complete the challenge. If you’re unfamiliar with the challenge, this is what it is:

The Fire Noodle Challenge is where an individual eats an entire packet of the Samyang Foods Fire Noodle without drinking or eating anything. The individual has failed to complete the challenge once they need to eat and/or drink something to relieve the pain of the spice. The individual can take as long as they want to finish the noodles.

Sounds easy, right? Watch below to see if I failed or completed the challenge this time around.


While eating the noodles, I had an instant burn. The original Fire Noodles had about a 1-2 second pause until the burn kicked in but this one was instant. Because it just burned, I couldn’t taste the flavour as much as the original noodle. All I could taste was a spicy burn. Literally. If you want to try either one of the Fire Noodles, I suggest eating the original one. You can enjoy some of the noodle flavour (it’s got a bit of a sweetness to it) and it hurts less.

I’m not entirely sure where the Nuclear Fire Noodles are sold but the original one is found at T&T and Btrust Supermarket, so one of those should have the Nuclear Fire Noodles.

If you’ve tried these noodles or attempted the challenge, let me know what you think of it/link me your video below!

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