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If you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram, you’d know about my recent trip to NYC. I visited the city from July 14th to July 17th. It was too short of a trip, not only to see the city, but to eat at all the restaurants!

On our first day in NYC, we went straight to Shake Shack after we unpacked at the hotel. The week before I left, I was telling everyone, and I mean everyone, that I saw of how I was going to dine there on the first day.

At Shake Shack, we ordered the ShackBurger (double), SmokeShack, cheese fries, Fifty/Fifty drink, and the Blueberry Lemonade drink.

Shake Shack

Shack Burger


It was exactly how I imagined the burger to taste. It was juicy and full of great burger flavour. A double patty was the best way to go. If you are familiar with Five Guys Burger and Fries, you’d know about ordering burgers with a single or double patty. With Shake Shack, it’s the same thing. I always go for a double patty in order to experience a true burger. Honestly, after eating the burger, I could have ate more. It was that good.

The cheese fries were good too. It would have been nice to have the cheese sauce already on the fries but we ordered it to go, so it was in a separate container. I had the Blueberry Lemonade drink and it was delicious. Definitely quenched my thirst. Also, if you’re ordering a drink, go with a large. It’s about 70 cents difference but the size is a huge difference. With Shake Shack, I suggest going full out for your first visit. It’ll be worth it.

On our first day, we didn’t go out for dinner. It poured near the end of the day so we decided to order in at our hotel. We ordered dinner from Alpha Fusion.

Alpha Fusion

We ordered the spider roll and the Sambal Pineapple fried rice. Both dishes were good. It tasted pretty much like all the other sushi places I’ve had. It wasn’t anything too special.


The next day for breakfast, we went to Skylight Diner. I ordered the Three Eggs Deluxe. It was alright for a breakfast place. I was craving eggs so I got what I wanted but I’ve had better breakfast meals than this one.

skylight diner


For lunch, we didn’t have much. We just had a light snack at Bill’s Bar & Burger. We ordered the chili cheese fries, sweet potato fries, and New York Cheesecake. The chili cheese fries were more of a hit. We also got free drinks from the waiter.

Bill's Bar & Burger

CAM02579_3free drinks

Later that evening we also ordered in for dinner. It poured, yet again, but even more than the first night. We were literally swimming in puddles!

nyc rain

We ordered pasta from Don Giovanni Ristorante. I didn’t take a photo because it didn’t look that interesting to snap a photo of. I ordered the Fettuccine Alfredo, which came in a large, circular aluminum container. That’s why I didn’t take a photo. It was alright until I got through 75% of the dish and wanted to puke. It had about a 10 mm layer of olive oil at the bottom of the dish. It was too much oil that my stomach could not handle it. The meals also came with garlic bread but I could not stomach it after the pasta.

Before dinner, we went to Cake Boss Cafe! We got carried away and ordered a bit too much. We asked for all their cupcakes and a chocolate cannoli. The plain chocolate and vanilla cupcakes weren’t the greatest. They tasted like any other chocolate or vanilla cupcakes. The gourmet cupcakes were much better. I wasn’t too impressed with the icing but the bottom half of the cupcake (the dough?) was fluffy and very tasty. I think that’s a first where I didn’t enjoy the icing of a cupcake. The cannoli was hard. Rock solid. We thought the chocolate cannoli was a normal cannoli dipped in chocolate sauce. Nope. We were wrong. It was a cannoli made out of chocolate. It would have been better if it was what we thought. The cannoli was too sweet for our liking.

cake boss

cake boss cafe



On my third day in NYC, I didn’t eat much that day. I was still full and still nauseous from the pasta. Plus, we had too many cupcakes left over. We ended up eating the rest of our cupcakes for breakfast, and for lunch, we dined at a place called Tonic. They had a lunch special when we went of $9. Which seems pretty cheap for a place in Times Square. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of what I ordered but I had the Chicken Pesto Panini. It was pretty good, but nothing special.

For dinner, we didn’t have anything till really late at night. We ordered out from Luigi’s Restaurant. It was recommended by a hotel staff for their pizza. Again, I didn’t take a photo of it but I regret it now. We each ordered a baby pizza, thinking it was smaller than a small pizza. However, when I came back from my James Franco encounter, it was literally the size of a small pizza in Toronto. And, it was only cut in fours, so once slice was practically two slices.



On the last day in NYC, we ate at Momofuku’s Ma Peche. We thought it would be like the Noodle Bar, but it was not at all. It was really expensive but the food was great. We only had the pork buns and avocado dip. I think I will forever stick with the Noodle Bar for anything Momofuku.

Ma Peche

pork buns

Before we left NYC, we ate dinner at Wasabi. It’s a sushi and bento place. It was good for what it was. I wanted to have ramen but they were out of it, so I opted for the Chicken gyoza tanmen. I also had a California temaki, which was difficult to figure out how to eat. The seaweed was separate from the rice and toppings, but if you opened it in a certain a way, it would work out like a cone. Anyway, it was confusing.



Two items I did bring back from NYC are Momofuku Milk Bar cookies and Boxed Water (yes, boxed water).

The Milk Bar cookies I got are the Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow and Blueberry and Cream ones. I’ve only had the former so far, but I am excited to visit the one in Toronto to try the Crack Pie and all the other items.

milk bar cookies

And the Boxed Water that I got. The last two items I bought in NYC, only because I’m a sucker for minimalist design packaging.

boxed water

I still haven’t opened them but I do have until 2016 to do so. I’ll let you know how the water tastes when I have!

Well, that concluded all my NYC eats. I do have to go back and try more places that I had on my list. But 4 days in NYC is not enough time for the whole city!

Let me know what restaurants I should hit up on my next visit 🙂

– Synthia T.


Eat. Snap. Post.

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  • shakeshackpr
    August 1, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    Hey Synthia,

    Thanks for the awesome blog post shout-out! We’re so glad you enjoyed your visit to the Shack! We hope to see you back again soon.

    Keep up the awesome bloggin’

    -The Shake Shack Team

    • synthiat
      August 23, 2014 at 9:11 pm

      No problem! I can’t wait for my next visit 🙂


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