TIFF ‘ 15 Eats

If you follow me on social media or know me personally, I have been attending TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) for about five years and been volunteering for the festival for four years. In the previous years, I’d eat mainly popcorn and other movie snacks, since I had little time to prepare food or have

Arepa Café

TIFF had a Members Appreciation Weekend back in November. I attended the Poster Sale with Andrea. We didn’t purchase anything at the sale but we did grab something at the Gift Shop. Leaving the TIFF Bell Lightbox, we ventured along Queen St. West and ate at Arepa Café for lunch.

Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge

After months of watching numerous “Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge” videos, I’ve finally tried the challenge myself! I enlisted some of my family to participate with me. (I bet they regret that decision.)   THE CHALLENGE If you’re unfamiliar with the Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge, it is a ramen noodle challenge based on the *third* spiciest

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