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If you didn’t know, or haven’t read my London Eats post, I went on a little trip to Europe early June with my friend Susan. I visited London for four days and then Paris for six days. Read on for my Paris Eats.

First meal I had in Paris was at McDonald’s. It was a Saturday and not much was opened during that time. We opted for McDonald’s because a) it was cheap, and b) it was my goal to hit up a McDonald’s in every city I visit.

The only thing available on the menu was the breakfast. It’s actually quite small in terms of the menu selection. I was hoping to get hash browns (my favourite McDonald’s menu item) but sadly they didn’t have it in Paris. I had to go for the Bacon and Egg McMuffin with a small hot beverage instead. They also didn’t have a regular Sausage McMuffin or a Sausage and Egg McMuffin.

The Bacon and Egg McMuffin seemed small, compared to the ones in Canada. But, the cheese in it tasted so much better. It didn’t taste like processed cheese! The coffee was decent, but I wish I was given an stick of sugar. Each order of coffee or tea is given two sticks of sugar. I know my coffee was a small size, but I like my coffee to be sweet.

I would rate this breakfast option a 2.5 out of 5. It was €2.50 and that’s without hashbrowns. In Canada, for around that price or a bit more, you get one hashbrown and a slightly bigger McMuffin. However, the one in Paris is less greasy, but I still am bitter about not getting a hashbrown with it.


When we got to the Eiffel Tower after our trip to the Palace of Versailles, we had no idea where or what we should eat. Not wanting to spend much, we decided to eat at the food place located in the central area of the Eiffel Tower. I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s right by one of the souvenir shops there. I believe the one closer to the North side of the attraction.

I did want fries and I knew I couldn’t just eat fries. I also kind of missed having street meat, so I chose the 2 Sausages and Fries item. It’s literally as stated. The sausages look more like hot dogs but they tasted like combo of both. The fries weren’t anything spectacular but they did their job. I can’t remember how much this meal cost, but I would say it was around €6.


On our second day in Paris (aka shopping day), we had a French baguette for breakfast/lunch. My friend Lynda (she let us stay at her place while in France. Thanks again, Lynda!) bought us a French baguette and had three different spreads to try.


She let us try a chestnut spread, this garlic one, and of course cheese! I can’t remember the brands of the spreads, but once I find out, I’ll update this post 🙂


While arriving in Paris, I had this craving for pizza. So, it was an obvious choice that we had to go to a place with pizza on the menu. It came down to two places: Cafe di Roma and Pizza Pino. We ultimately chose Pizza Pino because it had free WiFi and was cheaper.


Susan and I shared a pizza and a pasta. We ordered the Massimo pizza and the Penne al Pollo e Pesto dish. I also got a glass of wine (Chardonnay pays d’Oc) and Susan had a non-alcoholic drink.

The Penne al Pollo e Pesto was described as follows:

Penne, émincés de poulet sauce au pesto, crème fraiche, tomates cerises et copeaux de parmesan.
English translation: Penne, minced chicken with pesto sauce, fresh cream, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese.

I’ll admit, I was very underwhelmed with this dish my first bite. But once I sprinkled the parmesan cheese on it, it was 100x better. The exceptional remarks about French cheese is true. I don’t know what goes into French cheese, but I am now completely unsatisfied with cheese in North America. The pesto sauce mixed with the parmesan cheese is a fantastic combo, but it has to be French parmesan cheese 😉

pariseatsThe Massimo pizza had this description on the menu:

Sauce tomate parfumée aux herbes, mozzarella, viande hachée, oeuf frais, Boursin ail et fines herbes.
English translation: Scented herbed tomatoes, mozzarella, minced beef, fresh egg, Boursin garlic and herbs

We were a little hesitant about the egg part but that’s what sold me to order it. It’s different! The pizza is thin and thin crusted. I drizzled a little bit of olive oil on the pizza. I didn’t add a lot because I didn’t want the pizza to be greasy and overloaded with fats. But just enough to give it a little more flavour. The beef tasted great, the egg was a really nice touch, but again, the CHEESE. It was a life-changing moment. I actually ate the pizza before the pasta dish, so that was my life-changing moment.

The glass of Chardonnay pays d’Oc is a white wine. I wish I was a wine connoisseur so I could have evaluated the wine but I’m not. It tasted like wine back here, so I don’t really have much to say about it. With Susan’s drink, everything came close to around €40. Not too bad for our first proper meal in Paris.

This day wasn’t finished without dessert. Susan and I decided to splurge a bit on dessert (and mainly because she wanted to go there) at Haagen-Dazs. Before I go into details about what I ate, I need to state that I had another life-changing moment at the place.

I’m not sure if there are any Haagen-Dazs boutiques in Canada, but in Champs-Élysées there was one. After an impromptu trek up the Arc De Triomphe (I do not recommend doing that in a long maxi dress or after drinking wine – laughing attacks may occur!), we went in and were seated at the upper level.

I ordered the Frenetic Fruits. I wanted something sweet but not too rich. So this was perfect because I got to try more than one kind of ice cream flavour.

My favourite ice cream flavour was the Banoffee. It’s a mixture of “Banana ice cream laced with caramel sauce and crunchy biscuit pieces.” It was heaven to me. It had everything I wanted in an ice cream flavour! Truthfully, I’m not an ice cream person, but this, this was gold. It’s now become my favourite ice cream flavour. It was either the Blueberries and cream or the Mango and Raspberry that was a close second.

I really did not like the Sorbet Rosette (the one in the centre). It was quite sour. I guess it’s for a balance with the sweetness of the ice cream flavours. Also, I did not like the raspberry sauce given to drizzle or dip the fruits in. It was sour too.

I tried to savour every bite. It was literally ice cream heaven.


On our third full day in Paris, I ate my big macaron from Ladurée for breakfast. The previous night while shopping Champs-Élysées , we hit up Ladurée and I purchased a box of macarons and a big sized one. A box of 8 macarons were €18.70 and the big sized one is around €5 individually.

For the big sized macaron, I had the Pistachio flavour. I’ve never tried Pistachio flavoured foods here, so I thought I’d be a bit adventurous with this decision. I quite liked it. It was sweet but had a little zing to it. It’s almost like almond flavoured foods. I would consider getting that same flavour again.

I’ll be making another post on my box of macarons that I brought back, so stay tuned!


After the quick breakfast, Susan and I headed to Notre Dame Cathedral. Once we explored the cathedral itself, we stood in line for a trip up the towers of the cathedral. Before we got in the line, we hit up one of the local cafes for a crepe. Lynda told us that all of the crepe places in Paris tasted delicious.

pariseats21 She was right. I had a Nutella crepe and it was delicious. I know, I know. A Nutella crepe is simple, which it is. I do wish I had more Nutella spread on but the crepe itself tasted fantastic. It was nicely thinned, but even without the Nutella, it tasted amazing on its own. The best way to describe it is that it was like a pancake that didn’t need syrup.


After going the wrong way to the Centre Pompidou, heading to the Musée d’Orsay instead, and continuing our shopping adventure, we decided to make our own dinner instead of eating out. We went to Monoprix and bought fettucine, hot dogs, spinach, creme brulee, pesto sauce, pre-made stir-fried potatoes, and a bottle of wine.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of each product item. But here’s our pasta dish:

pariseats We just combines the fettucine, hot dogs, spinach, and pesto sauce together. We had the potatoes as a side dish 🙂

Love the typography design!

Love the typography design!

pariseatsI loved the creme brulee! It came in a little pudding-like container and it was soft and sweet! I wish they sold it here!


Here’s the wine we bought. It was the cheapest wine there. It was only 3.20 euros FOR A BOTTLE! SO CHEAP! Sadly, we didn’t drink it because a) we didn’t have a corkscrew, and b) drank Lynda’s pre-chilled wine instead.


On our last full day in Paris, we had a visit to the Louvre. There wasn’t much to eat at the Louvre without having to go through security again, so we ate at one of the cafe areas.

I got a chicken salad sandwich and a bottle of water. I didn’t take a photo because I was hungry and it wasn’t anything special. It was small and pricey, but what museum food isn’t small and pricey?

After our visit to the Louvre, I had McDonald’s for a little snack. I ordered a 6-piece Chicken McNugget combo. I was pretty disappointed that it didn’t come with sauce for the nuggets. Also, I don’t know if this is the case, but is iced tea different in every country? In the U.S., it’s actual tea with ice, in Canada it’s lemon flavoured, and in Paris, it’s peach flavoured! I just wanted my Canadian way of iced tea, but had to deal with a peach flavoured one instead.

pariseats I had no photo of the nuggets (they tasted like the ones here), but take a look at this fry! It looks like an Ancient Roman/Greek soldier helmet! Fitting for our visit at the Louvre!


While at the airport in Paris, I had a McDonald’s croissant. We told ourselves that we HAD to have a croissant in Paris, regardless of where we get it. It was unfortunately at McDonald’s instead of a cafe, but it was pretty good.

pariseats16It was kind of messy. It was crispy, soft, and flakes came off after every bite. It may have been from McDonald’s, but I can still technically say that I had a French croissant in Paris!


The last two food-related items I ate in Paris were Ladurée macarons. My classy send off to Paris! I got two macarons: one was Earl Grey. The Earl Grey one REALLY tasted like Early Grey. Like, it’s not messing around with what it’s called. It is literally Earl Grey in a macaron form.

To be honest, I don’t remember what the second one was called or what it tasted like. I do remember it being a strong fruit flavour. If anyone can identify it, please let me know!


The flight home/to JFK

Here’s what American Airlines served on the plane:


I was disappointed by the entrée. It was Thai Curry Chicken and it just didn’t live up to its expectations. It came with broccoli and mashed potatoes. I preferred the mashes potatoes. My favourite was the cheese (The Laughing Cow) that came with the crackers. I was expecting the same processed cheese taste as our flight to London, but I was wrong! It was pretty good! Not as great as French cheese, but still pretty good. The Cherry cake that they gave us was too sour for my liking, and the salad dressing did not taste like creamy Caeasar or whatever it was labelled as.


They also gave us a small portion of ice cream. It came with a plastic spoon thingy, which did not help at all. The ice cream was WAY too frozen. I was afraid the spoon was going to break! I managed though 🙂 It actually wasn’t bad ice cream either. It was creamy and a good vanilla taste.

The airline also gave us a breakfast/lunch item. I didn’t take a photo of it because I had just woken up from my nap and woke up hungry. It was a chicken wrap (I think) with dried mixed berries snack. The wrap was actually pretty decent. It was small but good. The dried mixed berries was good too, a little too sweet/sour, but good. I did look at the nutrition facts and it was high in sugar for such a small package. I believe it was close to a Coca-cola can!


Phew! I think that’s everything!

While I did eat more than I did in London, I still wish I had ate more traditional French meals while in Paris. The next time I go back, I am definitely having escargot!

I mentioned that I will be doing a separate post for my box of Ladurée macarons, but it’ll also include my box from Pierre Hermés (another famous French macaron place). I’ll also be posting more reviews from restaurants in Toronto and Buffalo, and a little taste testing from treats I brought back from Europe. So stay tuned for all those 🙂


– Synthia T.
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