Review: Taro Mochi

A couple of weeks ago, I bought this small package of taro Mochi at a Chinese supermarket. I love taro and mochi, but I rarely ever get the chance to eat either. The supermarket was selling it for less than $2, which I thought was a pretty great deal.

The package comes with 12 small taro Mochis. The Mochis aren’t really spherical – they’re pretty much cube-shaped. Each Mochi is about 2.5cm – 3cm big. It’s a perfect size for a snack!

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When I opened the package, I didn’t realize that it came with a small stick to grab each Mochi. It’s got a little heart at the end of it. Adorable!

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For under $2, this was a great deal. It tasted great! It wasn’t too sweet; it was soft and had a nice texture. The taro flavour isn’t that strong but you do get a substantial hint of it. There’s nothing extra inside the Mochi, but they should have put some taro stuffing.

I’m not really sure what the brand is (It’s hard to tell with Asian brands!) but I remember that it also had other flavours: green tea and sesame. I’m not a fan of green tea, so I think I will try the sesame the next time.

I give this product 4.5 stars. So, if you’re looking for a sweet snack, I suggest picking this up the next time you visit your local Asian supermarket.

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