TBT: Indigo’s Private Screening with Jamie Oliver

Back in 2015, I attended Indigo’s Private Screening with celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver. I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to this event. There were a limited number of tickets being sold, but I’m sure they ran out quickly.

The event was held at Cineplex Varsity on Bloor Street in Toronto. The theatre for the screening was one of the smaller ones, hence the limited number of tickets for the public. Event attendees received a complimentary signed copy of Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook Everyday Super Food. We were also treated to a private screening of the first episode to his new Food Network show, Jamie’s Super Food. And of course, Jamie Oliver was present to do a Q&A for the show before the screening.

Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef and it’s not often that you get to see him in person, so I was quite excited to have won tickets to this exclusive event. I brought my sister along since she’s also a fan. It was interesting to hear about Jamie’s research for his new show and cookbook. He mentioned that he met with nutritionists, scientists, cooks, etc., to come up with the recipes. I really appreciated that because there’s a lot of miscommunication with what our bodies require and already have.

When it got to the Q&A, that’s when it went a little odd. The questions by the event attendees weren’t really questions, more like statements/opinions and not related to his show and/or cookbook. While I appreciated people’s enthusiasm in seeing Jamie Oliver in person, the comments really made me feel uncomfortable for Jamie. One guest pretty much implied blame towards Jamie for unhealthy eating habits for today’s society. Jamie was polite about it and said that he hoped to bring a sugar tax to the UK, so that people can rethink what they eat in their diets. Another guest had some kind of protest comment. It was a really strange Q&A by the audience and again, it wasn’t really a Q&A. I did have a question but sadly I was not chosen. Had I been, I wanted to ask (and an actual question related to Jamie’s show and cookbook) Jamie the following: “What was the most interesting thing you came across during your research?” He travelled all over the world for the show and cookbook, meeting with various unique individuals, something must have stood out! Maybe next time he’s in the city I’ll have a chance.


After the Q&A, Jamie left while we watched the first episode of his show. It made me really hungry since my sister and I didn’t eat before the event. Bad idea! The episode showed two recipes and his travels to the places that inspired said recipes. After the screening, we all received complimentary coupons for a free dessert at Jamie’s new restaurant. You can read my review on the place here. Again, I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend this event. While it did have a strange audience Q&A, Jamie Oliver was charismatic and entertaining.

If you’re planning to catch Jamie’s show on Food Network Canada, unfortunately it’s no longer airing. But, you can still purchase his cookbook here


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