The Food District: Part 1

Mississauga’s Square One shopping centre has a new food area opened. In addition to two other food spaces, The Food District is the new hot spot for the shopping centre. The Food District is not your typical “food court”. Stated on their website, the focus of this new food space is to focus on offering local, handmade, and high-quality foods in a setting that embraces both new- and old-world food emporiums.

The Food District unofficially opened on April 1st but it’s official grand opening was on April 4th. For the first week of its opening, The Food District was offering free classes in their Food District Kitchen. Such classes include cooking/making pasta, knife skills, and craft beer sampling. Classes now are paid ones but they have a wide variety of different ones throughout.

I visited the new food area on April 2nd. There was also a free Ravioli Making class, so my friends and I decided to sign up for it. The class was instructed by chef Julian Pancer. Since it was free, we weren’t making the raviolis straight from scratch. We were assembling them and cooking them.

Even though it was short (about fifteen minutes), my friends and I still had a fun time. Plus, you get to eat the raviolis you got to make.


To maximize our eating options, my friends and I decided to split everything we ordered. That way we won’t get as full and we can try foods from as many places as possible. Also, just a heads up, not every place takes cash, so please bring your debit and your credit cards with you. And not all places advertise this, by the way.



For our appetizer, ordered by my friend Anila, we started with Hummus a la Plancha (~$14) from Mediterranean restaurant Plancha. It’s a hummus dish with chicken.

The hummus was very good. It was smooth and creamy. On its own, it is kind of boring, but in the parts that had the spices, chickpeas, or chicken, it really elevated its taste. I’m not sure what kind of bread is included with it but it seems like they also make the bread their. It was soft and warm. Signs of a freshly made bread.

We quite enjoyed this dish and do recommend it, especially if you’re sharing with friends.



Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta To Go

I wanted to love Dal Moro’s, I really did but this was the most disappointing out of all the places we tried in the Food District. It was also one of the top places my friends and I were excited to try. Especially since I had seen all the Toronto/local food bloggers post about, it seemed like it was really good, even though I know some of their posts were ads. (This is why SO many food bloggers on social media need to explicitly disclose posts as gifted/ads/sponsored/tasting events because it is so misleading. I can tell which ones are but not everyone can. It also goes against the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards if they don’t.) However, when both I and my friend Susan picked up our orders to try, we knew that straight away, it wasn’t going to be as good as we thought it’d be.

Prior to ordering and looking at the menu online, we thought we get to pick the kind of pasta and then our choice of sauce and toppings. When we went to order, they didn’t ask what kind of pasta we wanted, we just told them the sauce and the toppings. We thought that was weird and thought maybe they would know, based on the photos given on the menu there.

Al Formaggi

Susan ordered the Al Formaggi ($11) sauce with chicken (extra $1) and extra parmesan (free). The Al Formaggi sauce consists of white cream and a selection of cheeses.

When Susan received the pasta, it looked like the Chicken Alfredo, so she asked to confirm. Not going to lie, it didn’t look that appetizing when I first saw it. The pasta came with rigatoni noodles. In the photo on the menu there, it’s served with fettuccine. If we had a choice, we would have asked for the spaghetti, fettuccine, or linguine options. The sauce was alright. It did kind of taste like Alfredo sauce though, a mild version, hence the confusion we had. You could taste that there was cheese in it but it didn’t blow my mind. It needed something, like garlic to give it that extra punch. The chicken was dry and not really seasoned. It seemed like frozen chicken that was reheated to be frank. It was not worth the extra dollar.

For our second pasta order, I got us the Pesto ($11) sauce with extra parmesan (free). The Pesto sauce consisted of basil, pine nuts, garlic powder, parmesan, and extra virgin oil. It looked more appetizing than the Al Formaggi but I wasn’t convinced just yet. The photo on the menu showed it being served with linguine. Our order had fusilli. The Pesto tasted quite raw. It was like we were eating raw garlic with basil. Plus, it originally came with parmesan and I asked for extra parmesan but it didn’t have one single hint of parmesan. This was so bad that none of us wanted to finish it. In the end, we mixed both pasta orders together. It helped a tiny bit but we all didn’t want to finish the rest.


I don’t like writing bad reviews but this was a terrible experience, especially for a place that is supposed to serve fresh pasta. The pasta itself was good but fresh, good pasta has to be accompanied with good tasting sauce and this did not achieve that combination. It was not worth the $11, especially with the portion size too.

I understand that the day I visited wasn’t the official opening date, but if you do plan to open prior to the official opening date, I do expect the food to be good enough to be opened prior to the date. If it isn’t, I wouldn’t open before and take the time ensure it is. After that experience, I don’t even know if I want to go back to try it again, to be honest.

Also, I overheard this at Dal Moro’s and also during our ravioli making class this was echoed, but fresh pasta should be eaten right away because it will start to stick together and become clumps. This did happen by the way, so just a tip if you do decide to order from here.


Tao Tea Leaf

We were all getting thirsty from the pasta and since we were sitting close to Tao Tea Leaf, we took turns grabbing a drink there.

The place has tea that you can buy to bring home and steep yourself, or you can get a drink made, cold or hot. They had a variety of steeped tea for you to choose from that could be made hot or cold. Or, they had pre-selected Iced Teas for you to choose from. You could also add toppings like tapioca and select the amount of sugar you want.

When it was my turn, I ordered the Organic Peach Blossom White Tea ($4.95) with tapioca (extra cost) and 100% sugar, cold. After tax, it was close to $7. I also don’t remember if they had different drink sizes but I don’t think they did.

While making my drink, the lady that was making it was telling me about the machine they used to make the drinks. She was telling me that Chinese tea relies on two factors: time and temperature. The machine they used helps in those areas. It steeps the tea at the accurate temperature needed and it dispenses the tea in intervals, to ensure it is properly steeped to the best quality.

This was a good tea but my mistake was getting tapioca. It really took away from the flavour of the tea. Plus, they added WAY too much tapioca. I think about ¼ of my drink was tapioca. The tapioca was very sweet, which I like, but I know most people probably won’t. The tapioca did get a bit hard a little bit after I got the drink. I think it’s because the drink went straight from hot to cold.

The tea itself was light but you could taste the peach in it. Though it was light, it was refreshing. I think it would have tasted better hot but I really wanted a cold drink at the time.

I don’t usually buy tea but most of the prices I saw there were between $14-$20 for like 50g of tea. To me, that seems pricey but I do recommend getting the drinks there. And for the size, it’s pretty good. Just don’t add tapioca like me.


Since this post is already so long, I am going to save the rest of places I tried in a second post:

  • The Box Donut
  • Ma’s Best Quality Soup
  • The Pie Commission
  • The Wine Shop and Tasting Room

So, stay tuned for those!


– Synthia T.

Eat. Snap. Post.

Another self-proclaimed foodie.

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Doughnut worry, I saved my favourite for the last post of 2019 🍩🍩🍩
Pictured here is The Trio from @cops.doughnuts, featuring the Original Sour Cream Glaze, Cinnamon Sugar, and the Eggnog Glaze. @joshismissing and I devoured all of this, along with two other doughnuts from two other places on this day, and we could have had a lot more 😂

If you ever hang out with me, be prepared to eat LOTS of 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

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My last noodz post of the year 😂🍜
The day that @alt.aria and I went to the @toxmasmarket, we decided to have dinner in that area. We chose @bokudistillery, since we wanted a sit down place.

I ordered the Vegetarian Mushroom Ramen ($18) and @alt.aria had the Mussels and Pork Belly ($20). The Vegetarian Mushroom Ramen was really good. The noodles were chewy, and the broth was creamy and flavourful. Like its dish title, it was filled with different kind of mushrooms. It was pretty decent size too.
I wouldn't say it's the best ramen I've had but it was tasty. As for the price, it's decent for the area that it's in. However, I do think you can find ramen just as good (or better) elsewhere in downtown Toronto for cheaper.
Also, to anyone reading this: Shoot your shot, respectfully. You might just get what you want 🙃

#boku #bokudistillery #ramen #japanese #vegetarian #asian #distillerydistrict #eeeeats #foodblogger #foodblog #toronto #torontoeats #huffposttaste #curiocityto #dailyhiveto #tastethesix #yyzeats #tastetoronto #instafood #foodporn #tofoodie #foodstagram #foodie #goodeats #foodreview #canadianblogger #eatsnappost
Winter might be coming but I still gotta have those nice buns 🍔
Extremely late to the party but last week I finally tried @awcanada's @BeyondMeat burger and I'm obsessed! Since I still choose to eat dairy, I've been adding cheese to it too.
Prior to becoming vegetarian, A&W was my one of my favourite fast food places for burgers. The Mama burger was my go-to order. Now that I'm vegetarian, I'm glad I can still eat there 😊
What's your favourite burger place?

#beyondmeat #aandw #burger #beyondmeatburger #vegetarian #fastfood #lactoovovegetarian #eeeeats #foodblogger #foodblog #toronto #huffposttaste #curiocityto #dailyhiveto #tastethesix #yyzeats #tastetoronto #instafood #foodporn #tofoodie #foodstagram #foodie #goodeats #canadianblogger #eatsnappost
Happy Friday the 13th! Here's a pun to make your day a little shawarma 🥙
I've been wanting to eat shawarma for some time but becoming vegetarian has made it a bit difficult to do so. Luckily, @osmows has a @BeyondMeat version!
I ordered the Beyond Meat Half and Half. It's a platter of half fries and half rice, covered with Beyond Meat, and drizzled with the Osmow's sauce. I got the large size which was $15.59.
The Beyond Meat was pretty good. You can tell it's not meat but it gave a pretty similar texture. The spices it was cooked it really helped with masking it's non-meat character. I am glad I got the Half & Half because it was a nice mix of soft and crunchy. I really enjoyed this dish and ate the whole thing 🙈 just wish there was a little more of that Osmow's sauce!

#osmows #beyondmeat #shawarma #mediterranean #mediterraneanfood #vegetarian #eeeeats #foodblogger #foodblog #instafood #foodporn #tofoodie #foodstagram #torontolife #tastetoronto #tastethesix #yyzeats #cravethesix #blogto #curiocityto #dailyhiveto #foodreview #huffposttaste #foodie #goodeats #canadianblogger #eatsnappost
Stop your wine-ing about how cold it is and gløgg your Glühwein 🍷
A visit to the @toxmasmarket isn't complete until I have some Glühwein (mulled wine)! There are plenty of drink stalls that serve mulled wine and all of them require you to stay in the stall area. It's because it's an alcoholic drink, so legally you can't walk around with it.
I can't remember the name of the stall that I got mine at but it was red and it was in front of a Christmas store. At this particular drink stall, it was $9.50+tax for one cup of mulled wine.
It was perfect for the cold day and you can taste the red wine but I couldn't really taste the spices. It was actually kind of sweet, which I didn't mind.
What is your favourite holiday drink?
(Note: The white stuff in my hair is not dandruff... it's rain! 🙈)

#mulledwine #gluhwein #glogg #tcm19 #toronto #christmasmarket #torontochristmasmarket #distillerydistrict #drink #holidayseason #eeeeats #foodblogger #foodblog #instafood #tofoodie #foodstagram #torontolife #tastetoronto #tastethesix #yyzeats #cravethesix #blogto #curiocityto #dailyhiveto #foodreview #huffposttaste #foodie #canadianblogger #asian #eatsnappost
You know you're an old tart when you'd rather stay in than go out with friends 😂
Went to @toxmasmarket this week and I got @alt.aria to try her first butter tart! I had them last year, presumably from the same vendor (@tartistry). I picked the classic pecan flavour for her to try.
The filling was tasty and the perfect amount of sweet for me (@alt.aria thought it was too sweet). It has a nice buttery crust and a good amount of pecans. This year I noticed a little cookie was added. That wasn't as good though.
If you are visiting the Toronto Christmas Market this year, grab a butter tart! They're all gluten free and they have a vegan option. One tart is $3.50 +tax but they also have prices if you're getting more.

#buttertart #butterpecantart #tart #tartistry #tcm19 #toronto #christmasmarket #glutenfree #foodiefriday #tasty #eeeeats #foodblogger #foodblog #instafood #foodporn #tofoodie #foodstagram #torontolife #tastetoronto #tastethesix #yyzeats #cravethesix #f52grams #blogto #foodreview #huffposttaste #foodie #goodeats #canadianblogger #eatsnappost