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My aunt, uncle and baby cousin visited us from Atlanta for a week in April. My sister, her boyfriend, my cousin and I took them out to The Works for dinner one day. I had never been before so I was quite excited, since I heard good things about it.

We had to wait about half an hour (maybe less since we split our group in two tables) for seats. I think my sister called in and told them they didn’t take reservations. We didn’t have anywhere to go, so we waited.ย Eventually, we managed to get our group back to one table.

The menu is pretty extensive. They have a wide variety of different burgers. I even looked at the menu before we got there and it still took me a while to decide.

I ended up getting the “Not Yo Burger” with sweet potato fries (photo below). It was good, however, I couldn’t taste the fire roasted cheese dip in it. Surprisingly, the meat overpowered everything. The meat was cooked well but I was disappointed that I couldn’t taste the toppings.

not yo burger

The toppings of my burger.

The toppings of my burger.

How my burger looks.

Completed look of my burger

The sweet potato fries were good. My aunt and uncle also got the onion rings, called the “Tower-O-Rings”. I didn’t try it but here’s what it looks like:


One cool thing about the place is that they use measuring cups for water.

How neat is this?

How neat is this?

I would go back there again to try a different burger. Maybe next time I should get the “Art Attack” one.


– Synthia T.

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