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After Susan, Firyal, and I had our breakfast/lunch at Coach House, we had planned to go to Triple A Bar for chicken and waffles. The three of us had been craving it for a long time and had planned our next outing to include it.

My friend Lina met up with us and we all walked to Triple A Bar. It’s located by Adelaide and Jarvis on the east end of downtown Toronto. When we got to the place, which was around 7pm, the place was quite packed. Luckily, there was a high table for four!

The menu was handed to us on a sheet of paper, with the items handwritten. We all knew what we wanted, but we still asked for a few minutes to look at the menu. When it was time to order, we asked for four Chicken and Waffles and splitting the Nachos with Beef.


The Chicken and Waffles came in a little plastic tray with paper. At first look the portion seems small but it was quite filling. It was probably because we were all full from the Coach House and our bubble tea break.

As shown, there are two waffles and two pieces of chicken; a chicken drumstick and breast. The waffles were sweet; you can taste that there’s maple syrup added to it (you can’t see it though), along with the butter. The chicken pieces were slabbed with buttermilk on top. The chicken pieces were cooked well and there wasn’t much grease to them (that’s a plus!). But, I wished they were a bit crispier. One thing I didn’t like was the paper that was placed under the food. When cutting up the waffles and chicken, I ripped a big hole in the middle. So, I’m not sure if I ate paper or not.


It was a good idea to share the Nachos with Beef because it is a huge plate. But, it wasn’t the best idea because we were all getting full. The Nachos with Beef was tasty, but the beef was a bit salty. The beef has a lot of spice added to it, so that most likely contributed to it’s saltiness. The nachos did have a generous heaping of toppings – lots of jalapeno pepper slices!


Would I return? Maybe. I’ve heard that their ribs are good, so I may return to try that. However, the atmosphere was extremely loud. The music was blasted and you had to yell to your companions in order to talk. It was kind of off-putting. But, the staff was very friendly and came to our table numerous times for water refills and making sure everything was right. The prices for each item were alright. For the Chicken and Waffles, it was $14 and the entire plate of Nachos with Beef was $16. It’s pretty much your average cost of meal in downtown Toronto.

If you don’t like a loud atmosphere, then I would you might not like this place. But, if you don’t care about the loud atmosphere and you’re looking for chicken and waffles or some Southern BBQ, this place is for you.

– Synthia T.
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