Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake

If you live within Toronto/GTA you’ve probably heard about Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake. The first Canadian and Toronto flagship store opened in February and each day there’s always a lineup.

I decided to wait until the lineup died down a bit before getting my chance to try out the place.

A few months ago I had tried lining up with my friends but we felt that the wait was too long for us, so we left. Then in late May, I went with my coworker Zahnia and we waited in line for about an hour and a half. It actually didn’t feel like an hour and a half, which is a good thing. I guess TIFF has prepared me for long waits 🙂 One reason for the wait is because the place can only make 15 cakes at a time. So there will be a wait regardless of the number of people in line.


The storefront is pretty small but it has such cute branding. I love the logo for the place. It’s very warm and friendly – exactly like the service we received!


When you walk into the store, you are immediately greeted by the smell of the cheesecakes. It is warm in the store, but the smell makes it worth it.


I didn’t take photos of the bakers preparing the cheesecakes, but you can see them baking them and packaging them all in front of you. Helps to pass the time 🙂

For the menu, you can either order one 6-inch cheesecake or as many madeleines as you want. They have a deal for the madeleines: Buy 3 madeleines and get a 4th free! I obviously opted for that option. Plus I got a cheesecake, which for now, is limited to one per person.


Packaging for the cheesecake and madeleines.


As I opened the cheesecake box, the cheesecake is covered in cloth to help maintain the moisture. I am then greeted by the Uncle Tetsu logo (it makes me all happy). When I first ate the cheesecake, I really did not want to cut into the imprinted logo. It’s too cute to ruin!


The cheesecake is very light, fluffy, and soft. If you’re used to New York style cheesecakes, this is not the same. It’s not as creamy and rich, or sweet, but if you do like Asian sweets, you will be very familiar with its taste. Most Asian desserts, I find, are less sweet than their North American counterparts. That’s an issue for me because I have such a sweet tooth. I knew to expect this with Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake, but I was hoping I was proven wrong. However, it is rich, but not like New York style cheesecakes.

I do feel air bubbles as I chew into it. It’s kind of like the bubbles in the Aero chocolate bars. I found that interesting. My favourite part of the cheesecake is the top. It’s a little more toasted than the rest of the cheesecake, giving it that nice cake crust feel (like the graham cracker bottom of a New York style cheesecake).

I did try the cheesecake cold, leaving some in the fridge for a few days, and I found it tasting much better. I don’t know what the cold air does, but it made it sweeter and richer. I suggest you do the same and see which tastes better for yourself.



I was quite impressed with how much I liked the madeleines. They’re mini cakes. I believe the ones made here are honey flavoured. To me, they tasted like an angel cake, but much sweeter and more caramelized.

Before you actually bite into the madeleine, be careful. There is lining paper at the bottom. Sometimes it’s very clear so you may need to peel a chunk off to get it. The lining paper is also branded with the company’s logo. I love the floral wreath around it!




The madeleines are great for snacks. They’re small and while they seem sweeter than the cheesecake, they definitely satisfy your sweet tooth craving. I even had some that were left out a couple days after being baked and they still tasted great. I’m pretty sure that if you placed them in the fridge, heated them up again, they would still taste just as good.


Initially I was disappointed with my experience. I didn’t think the cheesecake was worth the hype. I still don’t think it’s ALL that, but it’s definitely worth a try, especially if you’ve never tried Japanese cheesecakes before (or any other Asian sweets). I actually prefer the madeleines over the cheesecake. They did remind me of Chinese pastries but with an improved taste. It had the sweetness that I was looking and hoping for in the cheesecake. If I ever decided to line up again, I will be ordering more madeleines.

If you’re wondering about the prices, the cheesecake is $10 (tax included) and for four madeleines, they were around $7 (tax included). For what they are and the reputation surrounding the place, I think it’s a fairly decent price. I’ve had a slice of cheesecake for much smaller than costed close to $10, so Uncle Tetsu is not ripping you off.

If you’ve tried the cheesecake and/or the madeleines, let me know what you thought about them!


– Synthia T.
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