Wanda’s Belgium Waffles

I’ve visited Wanda’s Belgium Waffles many times but rarely did I ever go in to eat. I mainly drop by to purchase the mini waffles for my sister. On Good Friday, my friend Andrea and I had time to spare so we went to have a snack. Plus, I needed to get more mini waffles 🙂

The place is quite small, so there is limited seating. There’s usually one person working and making everything. I think I’ve only seen two people at the Yonge St. location only a few times.

Wanda’s Waffles has a variety of waffles and crepes to choose from. You can also make your own! All of it is made fresh too. In addition, they have other lunch type items on the menu. They also have a decent beverage selection: espressos, cold beverages, smoothies, and milkshakes.

I ordered the Nutella crepe (I meant to meant to order Nutella waffle but it’s a habit for me to order a crepe – oops!). It had a very generous heaping of Nutella inside. Each bite was oozing with Nutella. Because of this, the crepe was sweet. So if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this crepe is perfect.



I also ordered a Strawberry Milkshake. The shake isn’t as thick as normal milkshakes, which I found odd. And the strawberry taste isn’t as strong either. It wasn’t the best milkshake I’ve had but it was enough to satisfy my thirst.

Overall, I enjoyed my dining experience. I’ll continue to buy the mini waffles (they’re pretty good and inexpensive too) and still drop by the place every now and then. I probably won’t get another milkshake though. But, if you’re looking for a dessert place with friends, this is one place that’s great for that.

– Synthia T.
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