After a day of shopping, my sister, her boyfriend, my cousin, and I trekked to Zet’s for dinner. I did not know this place existed until my sister’s boyfriend suggested we go there.

The restaurant is by Toronto Pearson Airport, so borderline Mississauga and Toronto. I forgot to take a photo of the exterior, but the restaurant is styled like an old diner that you’d find while driving across a town. The restaurant, as I did my research, is a family-run business. I guess that’s why it has that diner vibe to it, and because of its location.

As we walked in, I glanced at the dishes, and boy, the portions are huge! It actually terrified me, which was a first because I’m known to be the one in my family to eat large meal portions. My sister’s boyfriend warned us that the portions are huge but I didn’t expect the size that I saw.

When we arrived the line up wasn’t too bad. There were about 10 people in front of us. We also went the day Anime North was going on. But as we waited to place an order, the line up kept piling up all the way to the door! I’m not sure if this is how it is on a daily basis, but just keep in mind that you may expect long lines regardless of the time you go.

Anyway, since there were five of us, and judging by the portion sizes, we decided to order a few dishes and share the meals. We ended up ordering the Famous Chicken Souvlaki Dinner, Veal Dinner, 6oz Steak and Eggs, and Chili Cheese Fries.

Famous Chicken Souvlaki


Photo by @squishkie

My sister and her boyfriend ordered this one. I tried a piece of the chicken souvlaki and it was very tender. It was juicy and flavourful. I was actually surprised by how well it tasted. Most of the chicken souvlakis I’ve had always were a bit dry on the inside, but this wasn’t at all!


zets I ordered this meal. The veal was literally twice the amount of the chicken souvlaki! I loved the amount of cheese on the veal. Extra gooey! I did start to get a bit sick of the tomato sauce that covered the veal, but it was still good. Also, the potato pieces that come with the dish are not pieces; it was one potato cut in half! Now here comes the shocking part for those who know me: I couldn’t finish the meal! I ate at least half of it, maybe 75% of the dish, but it was very stuffing. I mean, it was mainly carbs!

6oz. Steak and Eggs


Photo by @jc5tyn

My cousin ordered this dish. I had a piece of the steak. We asked for medium rare but got medium well. It still tasted good, but it did need a little bit of seasoning. This dish didn’t look as big as everyone else’s but it would definitely fill you up. It also came with two slices of toast.

Chili cheese fries

My sister ordered this one for all of us to share. I believe we ordered a small size and it seemed more like a medium. The chili cheese fries were good but nothing special. It tasted like any other chili cheese fries. It did come with a lot of chili, which is always a plus.

Overall, this place is great for what it is. The portions are big and each meal costs around $10 – $15, which is not bad at all. I’ve been to many restaurants with smaller portions for the same price!

The food collectively is great and the atmosphere is very friendly. Plus, if you can’t finish the meals, they have to-go boxes (self-serve) for you. So if you are ever in the Toronto Pearson Airport area, you should definitely give this place a try.

– Synthia T.
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